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Those that are looking to play New World and based in the EU, feel free to hit us up.

We are starting a Guild called 'The Golden Company', a Guild with the long term ambition to become a mercenary guild. What does that mean? We get paid to do the fighting.

The game looks really fun, and Closed Beta is out later today - But we're using this time to understand the game more.

Join our discord if interested.


Golden Company

Want to earn gold for fighting?

Want to learn alongside new players?

Want to join a company that is friendly and helps new players progress?

Then Golden Company is the place for you. We started this guild as new players, and will be using Closed Beta to learn more about the mechanics from a player and guild point of view. Our main aim is to support all players in progressing and more importantly enjoying the game for what it is.

Our long term aim is to become one of the most sought after mercenary companies. Need help with a territory? Well that'll cost you. Want us not to attack? Well, that's going to cost you.

Come and join the Golden Company's ranks, and enjoy Beta

Our word is as good as gold - Bittersteel
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