@night vs. WrapIt?


He hasn't given anything a go. He sent his tribe to war while he nobles easy targets nowhere near the fighting.

ODkiPPeroo: past worlds are in the past, my issue is the fact that in this world right now Faaaark comes on here running his mouth while his tribe is getting beat down and he's busy nobling barbs. If he is really that worried about getting sniped than I suggest he check out Two Nerds One Account's profile pic. Split your train, mix in some nukes, be a man and attack the enemy your asking your tribe to fight.
what's your ingame name, mister macho? :)


I love how a Wrapit vs @night thread is all about me. Keep pumping my ego... lol.

Maybe we should discuss the endless dead nobles on Night's behalf? It was obvious that they saved up before dropping their NAP with Wrapit... oh wait, didn't they attack while still NAPped?? And tbh I think Wrapit have done a pretty damn good to keep the losses as low as they have.

I think faaaark is an idiot at times but i have to say he was right to declare. fart were trapped in and they had to declare on night or run out of room to expand.

@night were at war with a top 15 tribe it was the best oppertunity he was going to get, @night were only going to get stronger and stronger if fart did not do something.

It was the most logical solution and yes things are not looking great for fart but he had few other options if he wanted fart to win the world. He gave it ago and if he loses at least he tried.
I have to agree with heartless on this one. Our options were limited due to night's continued strong arm tactics to boot Fart players and to stop nobling in areas that they considered out of bounds. Yet it is okay for them to noble in our area???

If need be, I'll post the thread where Night went from a NAP - to nothing - to an alliance all in under 30 minutes. This then formed the basis for a rocky alliance, which my whole tribe agreed was never going to last. We also knew that night would attack Wrapit, a tribe that we had worked well with so the decision to take on night was a no brainer that everyone agreed upon. I'd prefer to fight alongside people that showed trust in us, rather than take the easy road and bow to the needs of tribes like Night. If we fall, then so be it. At least we went out on our terms.

An interesting note is the Angrypotato account. Our decision to lower diplomacy with Night primarily revolved around this account and the booted players near him. The angry account had 4 co-players, of which Biologics was the owner. Biologics hated how Night had treated our recent recruits and he was one of the first to express his thoughts of Night. We were forced to boot his friends as Night saw it as a threat to their 'arc'. If we were to build an alliance, they should never have worried about this.

Following this, Night kept contacting me about a nobling here, a nobling there.... but they were able to noble wheverever they wanted without us complaining. In the end, we got sick of it, so I spoke to our council and included Biologics in our discussion. From there, the plan was set to assist Wrapit.

Within a week, Biologics had been involved in a car accident and the account was moved to Night by another co-player - Dan. If Biologics was available to comment, he'd be spewing over this. Let's all remember that this is just a game and that it is nothing more than that. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Biologics and we hope that he has a speedy recovery.

Ultimately, we chose to lower our diplomacy for a few accounts near angrypotato and the co-player chooses to move to Night. With this said, a funny thing happened when the account left our tribe. Angry said goodbye in our forum using Armani's name. It then signed into Night's forum as Dan 4 min later. Dan doesn't even have the guts to use his own name. Oh and I've since confirmed that it was Dan (IP addresses...) so don't tell me it was Armani and Dan conspiring together. It's pretty hard for Armani to do this considering the IP address matches where Dan lives.

Piss poor effort... Dan blames his co for leaving... meh.

He has tried a couple of times though. I guess Fark can elaborate on the outcome.
More than happy to provide reports of several attempts to break through in my northern area. Congrats to the Night players for killing one of my train and sniping another. On this note, the night players have seen my timings, but I am not as fortunate as AMMD and mint to have enemy villages directly on my doorstep. My targets are further away than most and I've split a full noble village into 3 noble attacks of 2000 axes and 1000 LC, with axe nukes thrown in to split the nobles... it ended up sniped. At the end of the day, 100ms can determine the difference between getting a village and being sniped. Congrats to night, so stop the bullshit about me to afraid to war another tribe. My name is not Allos?

The nobling barbs i wont defend but there is still lots of time to war yet, lets hope he does.
See my post above.

He hasn't given anything a go. He sent his tribe to war while he nobles easy targets nowhere near the fighting.
Check my ODA... clearly these barbs are stacked to the hills.. meh.
I'll say it again, why am I nobling into Night's area if I am too afraid to fight them?

Stop the bullshit Cunner.
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There is always two sides to a story as most knows.

yes. The alliance @night had with FART was never gonna last. During the alliance FART created a family in hope to become stronger than us. Once they thought they were, They cancelled the alliance.

We @night realised that we soon would have three tribes against us. So as soon as our NAP with wrapit ended we OPPed them. (yes our NAP ended the 30th, even if it has been some confusing to where it should have been st to the 31st). That gave us a few days before FArt family could attack as we had a set cancelllation of the alliance of seven days, AND THEN this NAP could then be cancelled with a 24 hour notice. WOOps. Fart forgot to give notice on the NAP. but that is not of relevance (more than smile as his own attempts to blackpaint my own tribe) It is also to be noted that wrapit was being stacked and sniped by fart during the whole process, but i dont really care for that either. We know from the start that we would face those three tribes.

Bgeorge attemped to go about us the same way they did with oxygen, rally a few other tribes against us. but this time with less success, so now the fart family face us pretty much alone with the exception of som defence given by smaller tribes.

Despite what Fark or anybody else say in the matter, this battle has nothing to do with what we think of fart or what fart think or us. We are simply stuck in the same area and neither tribe will back down. Despite Farts attempt to offer @night players safe passage and later become part of fart family this fight will go on until fart or we are gone. There will be NO MERCY, NO MERGER between the tribes and their will be NO PEACE.

In regards to troops an trains.

No one expect to win a war without losses. losses will be made on all sides. Not only troops and villages but whole accounts will go up in flame.

With this said, lets make the WAR OFFICIAL

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aren't hoodrow allied with @night. Meaning they could get involved.
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Side 1:
Tribes: @Night
Side 2:
Tribes: OLD, WrapIt, Fart

Timeframe: Last week

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 44
Side 2: 18
Difference: 26

Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 242,043
Side 2: 107,464
Difference: 134,579



OOps I meant @Night I screwed up and said Faart. I am nearly 90% sure they are allied.


Are you telling me that Night and Fart are not allies?


Nope, srsly stop farting and start paying attention to what's happening or happened in this world.

Oh and looks like Mint and Faark are roomamtes and then some(need confirmation on this)


Nope, srsly stop farting and start paying attention to what's happening or happened in this world.

Oh and looks like Mint and Faark are roomamtes and then some(need confirmation on this)
i can now confimr this for you. They share the same cell for warcriminals. in Huskvarna high security prison.


I heard mint had a slave he liked to beat every time he lost a village...