no bonuses


dont see any threads about this.

if you look at the other information sub-section in the help section, it says no bonus villages

but lizy stated there would be,
World 40 Settings

World & Troop speed: 1x
Noble System: Coins
Tech system: Simplified
Archers: Yes
BP: 3 Days
Time Based Morale
Church: Yes
Tribe Limit: 60
Support outside your tribe: No
Pally: Yes with Weapon
Barbarian and Bonus villages grow to 2000
Fake Limit: Yes

whats going on here

although it doesnt say they will be there, on world 41 settings it says no bonus villages
World 41 Settings

World Speed: 1.6x
Troop Speed: .625x
Archers: No
Bp: 2 days
No Morale
Tribe Limit: 150
Noble System: Packets, rising costs
Tech system: 3-level-system
Pally: No
Church: No
Bonus Villages: No
Barbarian villages grow to 1000 points.
Fake Limit: No