Nobles N Nukes, what happened


I'm surprised a Canadian would do such a thing; I've always had good experiences with Canadian players myself. Are you sure he was Canadian?
If I recall correctly you pulled the same crap quiet a few times Mike/david or whatever your name was :|

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I think it would be harsh to blame all Canadians for one of their citizen's actions. The blame should lie solely with the individual that committed the crime. Tbh it probably doesn't even matter which country he's from. What this person has done seems illegal to the contexts of this game (imo), for that reason: I hope you get your pps back, restore your tribe and Christian Cage gets punished to the full extent of TW law.

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If I recall correctly you pulled the same crap quiet a few times Mike/david or whatever your name was :|
The amount of things I've supposedly done is exaggerated. Mike/David is not my name, I wouldn't like to be addressed by my real name either, it would be weird and uncomfortable, TW and rl is separate for me.
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Don't mind the rude trolls in here, i am sure what they would have said if they knew is this.

Tribal Wars does not allow people to steal your pp, and they will get it back and refund it that is for sure. They will also help you get yourself in order in every way except rolling back your account, you will just have to forget that account. If the thief still has your account with a changed password, you might get it back.

One time i wanted in a war and this one guy knew it, he said he would give me his account, he was leaving i said okay. I got on his account and put pp on it and changed the password but did not change the email, he got the account back with his email and took my pp.

Admins gave me back my pp.
Will I have to send in ANOTHER ticket asking for the PP? I feel like I'm taking the p*ss now. They have got my name changed back and everything, I suppose it is worth it to get the 500pp that the theives haven't and can't refund.


This is a legitimate topic. Not sure why'd they be mad.


You can kiss me and shut me up if ye want :D.. Until jake closes this I will RAWR!


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This certainly isn't the first time something similar has happened. W53 Faaaaaark posted looking for a co-player, Pervis had one of his friends apply to co him and then had a spy on the tribes duke account. They didn't disband or restart (too many villages to be able to restart), but the basic idea is the same - don't trust random people to co-play you, especially not if you are duke or baron in a tribe.


Read this and felt disappointed in most of the previous comments.

I believe it was an error in judgement by you to allow a stranger onto your account (through naivety or mis-placed trust) however the only person deserving of 'hate' is the person responsible.

I'm not saying anyone is perfect but this level of pettiness is pretty rare, even for tw.

Future tips:

- Only co-play with people you KNOW or play solo, start up may be a bit slower for you alone but it is safer.
- If you are storing any premium (thousands), keep it on a secure account to which only you have access to (also your main email address) so if either is compromised, you will know about it immediately.
- Skype can't be used as evidence in a tw case, main reason is because you can change your skype name to whatever you like and basically make up evidence.

Those tips are under the assumption that you are quite new to the game and are the trusting naive player we all were once. I hope it helps and I genuinely hope you get the result you are looking for.

If you don't get the right result and still want the guy rimmed, i'm sure there are people that can help.

Good luck,



If you've a complaint or appeal, put it in the appropriate section. If you want advice, ask your friends who would be more than happy to help you.

If you want people to feel sorry for you, this isn't the place to be. It's also illegal to be discussing this subject here.

Run along now roman... This is an apology to his tribe and an explanation of what happened. We all know your skulls pretty thick, and that you never see it the same as the rest of us, but in this case I would say this is definetely worth posting.

I'm glad you posted this, and tbh at the least someone has to rim the noob for going that low? Spying and tricking players to send their troops away is tough but it's part of the game. Tricking someone into giving your friend their password and then screwing over them and their tribe is just sad..
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