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been playing along time to see Knocks name in the record books!

thanks for all who made it possible!

new premade in the works for this summer make sure i have your skype id if you wanna be a part of it


Congrats to all the Knocker's...

Thank you to all whom made it enjoyable,

to the few with "NO HONOUR" : Tiocfaidh do lá..

Slán go fóill!


its for me, cause I left him alone. :icon_biggrin:

grats knockers. a well deserve win for you guys :)


Poorly attempting not to take focus away from the thread:
I judge not anyone whom left Infamy, you guys all had your reasons.. Its actually only "aimed" at 1/2 whom positively know who they are.. Not even in the top tier, Really Poor players with Absolutely No respect/honour or decency. u know the type of person I talk about, Im sure you all have met quite a few in your lives&on tw.

And no LR your actually one of the few ex-Infamy I feel might have just done enough to deserve a win on this world & seeing a little remorse/a little weight on your conscience, shows character. Kudos!

Congrats on your win.

All the Best.


Cmon u knockers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Now lets all go to codys bar and get drunk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


....snort.... wait, it's over so soon??? That didn't drag out :p must have slept through the last 2 months...

Way to go everyone!!! Thanks for the good times friends, thanks for the good fight enemies.

Cody - you allowed me in

Ahile - you convinced me not to leave the game

Spanks - Seemed to always have 10k HC nearby when I needed it :p

Frank - Sniping King!

DJ - amazing teammate, never questioned my needs for his troops, and sent them all if asked.

Aiden (on all accounts) - Helped me from very early on, with your help ended up behind you in 3 K's before the end (35/45/55) which left me at #1 in 2 core K's to end the world.

Talkos - well, we go wayyyy back! Nice to end one together this time :)

Many Many others who I can't thank enough for the fun (Jimmy, Mike glad you guys made it to the party).

I'm out!


Aiden (on all accounts) - Helped me from very early on, with your help ended up behind you in 3 K's before the end (35/45/55) which left me at #1 in 2 core K's to end the world.


sure join us in the summer when we get a new tribe goin again, am tryin to get a theme goin for us tho lol


I was playing the Patzer account. Great job knock. This is my 2nd world to be in the winning tribe, the first was W26 and I started and finished that world. Ever since I took over this account (over a year ago I think) I have never questioned the leadership, they were spot on in their decisions. Although there were a few members that I did not get along with we all still worked together and that's what it takes. All the knockers are number 1 in my book.
As for Infamy, I do have to say well done. Someone had to come in 2nd place and you made it to the end. Hopefully we will all meet up again.

pur3 m4g1ck

Well done, Knock!.

I don't think many people if any would have predicted this outcome. We all had a solid mentality that we would fight anyone on any grounds and find the victory, no matter what. It worked, it might not have been the most beautiful laid out world, but it worked out. I am proud to have been able to contribute to such an elite group, and have fought some of the best enemies I've seen. There were plenty of dark days in the game, but in the end the light shown victorious in our favor, that's the end of that.

There are SO many people that I would thank if I had all day to do so, but realistically my memory has faded for names off the top of my head. I have been doing my duty for my Country for some time now, and haven't been able to be in an active role. I apologize for that, but the players who needed to step up in our stead did so, and did it well.

Andrew/ExiledGod - we've been an inseparable(no homo) pair since before Vodka! days, I don't think I would've played or survived through the world had it not been for you. I learned a lot from you, you were always my right hand man.

Dan/Djwright15 - Same thing with Andrew, I just met you later. I don't think anyone has the same chemistry as a pair of players as we did. I feel bad for players that had to deal with that.

Cody/CodyGoodTheGreat - Absolute worst duke I've ever worked with. Kidding man, thanks for the memories, and thanks for trusting me with your tribe when we began working together. I knew we could win this from the beginning(even though we both fell to personal issues and had inactivity spells).

Aidan/Every account on w57 basically - Moron. Couldn't put into words how arrogant you are. However I wouldn't want you to be on my oppositions side. You are the best at pissing people off, something I thought I was pretty good at. Thank you for taking the blunt of the attacks by running your mouth on here so the rest of us could survive. You're definitely our idiot of the group, but in a strange way I'm glad to have called you a friend.

Axe Warlord - I didn't forget about you friend, thanks for staying by my side to the end, not many from vodka! made it, but the ones that did, did for a reason. Hope to play with you again one day.
Crazykld69 - dude, I have no idea if you died, went to jail, got kidnapped or anything, but you were an awesome player and I really hope everythings okay with you. Great friend to have dusty.
Zaretz - The tribe wouldn't have made it without you and Ahile, I'm sorry things didn't finish as smoothly for the both of you as it should've. I have the utmost respect for you both.
Thmorrison - Most improved from the moment I met you. I'm glad to have worked with you given our original circumstances. As professional as they come.
Ahile123 - W10 friend, I hope to see you online again. I'm sorry things didn't work out.
Mikabuk - Bum. nah, you weren't the most spoken, but when you spoke it carried wait. I learned a lot from you as a leader and a player. Thanks.
Mr Spanks u - One of the most underrated players we had, I'm glad to see your name in the top 5. you deserved it, well done brother.
y3s I g0t sn1p3 - Thanks for being a good friend, you stayed true from the moment you left ILL.
Nutbunnygirl - You couldn't handle being under my lead, and you just weren't a very easy person to communicate with. You always knew better than I did, well you thought you did. If I had it my way I would've booted you out the door when you caused a lot of drama for me early on. I'll never be able to put into words how you really were, but you did your job as a player. You did a good job, but you could've been much more. You're just too thick and can't handle the truth. Thank you for leaving the world. Goodluck in life, serious note.
wingedpig - Saved the worst for last. I dunno what is with you man, but everyone was trying to get rid of you. I don't know what I like about you, but just be thankful I had a little weight in the tribe to keep you from getting the boot and killed off like Kircsus. You were a good friend, and I am glad things worked out. Next time be more patient and friendly with your tribe mates.

Targetjoe and Kingmq38 - I am sorry things ended the way they did for your tribe. Honestly I feel you were the only strong opponents I had a problem fighting. It was fun, but the cards weren't in your favor. I would fight alongside either of you any day.

Psychosmurf - What can I say Nate. I stayed as true to you as I could until the war. I hated your coduke, but you are a true friend in my eyes. I apologize for some of the tactics that I had to employ vs you, but we play to win. You are a good player, and a great leader, I think your downfall was the leadership who didn't assist you. Your tribe loved you, if you had some more help things may have ended differently. However, they ended in my favor, so smurf you. :p.

That's it for now. I apologize if I didn't put you in there. These are the most memorable friends and tribe mates I had. A lot of you didn't see the ripples in the water on Knock!'s side of the house, but we had inner turmoil. However, unlike most, we were able to handle it amongst eachother for the most part. I wasn't a fan favorite by many of my tribe for the way I am. At the end of the day, we all made this happen, and I take no credit away from anyone who earned the win, it was a great Tribe. I will be playing again in the summer months, look out for the next winning tribe off the rim. If anyone wants to be included in a premade, it'll be pretty private and mainly invite only, go ahead and message me your skype name via forums, I will talk to Cody.

Thank you all on W57, even though it is just a game, it was a lot of fun. Worth every minute.



Great job everyone, hope to see you in the summer in the next rendition of Knock!