NotoriousDhesi alias liol1234 alias ect ect from B.M.F tribe


There, this is MY POINT.. and Whats happend to make me sick and bored..

''Behind Each important Man, there a Woman''

And guess what.. Notorious need one! and its not me!

i have 31 years old .. an im sory to telling that like that .. But kids like notorious ..Going to make me crazy...

As a woman.. when we lead a trib, they are like our kids.. than all the work i done in this *)*#??# trib, managing evrything with Dark.. wasting time on evrything and try to stop the mess and the mistake our little kids duke made..Sory.. Founder.... Im tire .. -,- realy.. This duke always make strange thing..

Im an realy active player..i wanna play .. not always trying to arrange the kids mess... i want to be a part of a good tribe where the duke is ACTIVE and be a good leader.. i dont want to be lead by a kids! gezzz .. sory .. im just bored..

Sory.. I generalize.. i already saw a leader ''14y-o'' doing a better job as leader than an 50years old man.. im just piss

A lot of thing Happend in the last 2 day. Our Founder was dismissed...
Founder and Duke is not the same as you know.. That could be but.. That was not case in B.M.F..

For the tribe survive,, we needed to to something.. We was thinking like.. Make member and player more Safty for 1 man or lets 1 man detroying a family..

Well.. i know that look like backstabbar our founder.. But it was a revolution. He always made mistake putting our trib in the wrong way.. Making us more enemies than ally when he was talking with other trib.. Telling them like.. ''im more strong than you than its better for you to join us!'' Its not a good way to make diplomatic relation..

And its not because we never tell him... I TOLD HIM to stop trying to make relationships cause he are a bad diplomatic man and he need to give the diplomacy thing to the diplomat.. He always do at his own ..

He joined september 20... create the tribe at october 08... And we sat him 17day.... Thats mean active? you realy thing that he did a lot in the trib?

Leaving and let the player with a persone like that... Was not a possibility.. We cared about the member of the trib..


Notorious was the founder .. but only the founder.. I was always sitting him.. he was never there.. lucky us! can you imagine if he was there more often? He wasnt here often and make all the mess and mistake he did?!?!

I was thinking to leave the trib and let him doing what he want like he always do.. im just bored to always have to try to repare or wash the mess he did..

I dont want to be lead by someone who never play tw and its his first time playing.. like him.. And such a kids he are , making evryone at who he talk hangry cause its rudeness, theatning ect..

Do you know who did all the work? was me and Dark.. to help the trib.. try to arrenge thing and the thing i know when i come back after sleep is that notorious destroy again all we try to do..

You dont have to be mad because the FOUNDER and not the duke..( got difference there.. a duke suppose to be active and take care of his player..) has been dismiss.. He was a pain in the ass..

the last thing notorious did , touch my limite...

There .. the proov...

In the begining.. why the war start with ADHD

(this Is the talk with MRS sandman And NotoriouS)
NotoriousDhesi Nov 05,2012 02:24
NotoriousDhesi Oct 29,2012 05:53
James revis Oct 28,2012 19:20
I had been invited to your tribe was getting ready to accept and Dark Invader withdrew it would like to know the reason behind the mixed signals

NotoriousDhesi Oct 29,2012 05:53
We haven't talked yet either

Mr.Sandman8378 Oct 29,2012 05:56

NotoriousDhesi Oct 29,2012 05:57
What you mean , what?
Wusup? I can see you left [ally]budd[/ally] , So are we going to have a problem?

Mr.Sandman8378 Oct 29,2012 05:58
if you keep attacking my members yah

NotoriousDhesi Oct 29,2012 06:03
well as you can see we never started a problem.
Your member [player]dclincher[/player] is a refuge from our tribe left our tribe and joined [ally]budd[/ally] , Started to attack our members because we where at the growth stage that's dishonor , We can either work together on a alliance or nap or either its going to be war , or we can start a family tribe and secure k'57 instead of making a big problem and both working our ass's off.

NotoriousDhesi Oct 29,2012 06:04
This is the only time i prefer to talk, I don't really play waiting games.

Mr.Sandman8378 Oct 29,2012 06:06
wow... your such a nub who 1. doesn't know how to run a tribe and 2. who doesn't know how tribal wars works

If you a problem with my tribe I suggest you target me and attack me leave my members out of it for now.

NotoriousDhesi Oct 29,2012 06:06
I'm being straight forward, We can talk like real men or we can do it the other way you know?

Mr.Sandman8378 Oct 29,2012 06:08
lol your such a fool you dont realize how much of a nub you are. I dont want to be in your dumb family tribe or your allies

NotoriousDhesi Oct 29,2012 06:08
Nub? Wtf is nub? LOL Sounds like your a nerd..
and funny thing is i'm from world 8 KNT tribe :) Number 1 tribe and million point player ill just be fine
you just worry about yourself instead of opening those lose lips of yours ahha

NotoriousDhesi Oct 29,2012 06:09
Your not gonna last. . .

Mr.Sandman8378 Oct 29,2012 06:13
aww the big guy thinks hes so good because he got 1 million points if your so good why did you get nobled already?

here are some of my past accounts I think its cute how you think your so tough

Mr.Sandman8378 Oct 29,2012 06:16
hey guess what you joined this world on the 20th September 2012 I joined on the 06th October 2012 and I am 18500 points with 4 villages your 4000 points with 1 village.

That just shows that I know what Im doing and shows you don't.

NotoriousDhesi Oct 29,2012 06:17
Awwhhh, Computer freak over here im 10million + player and you dont got just me to worry about LOL

and i dont give a f*k about your other worlds your in my world nigaa Telling you now you aint gonna last.. you think were alone? LOL just watch

NotoriousDhesi Oct 29,2012 06:17
I have more than one account you dumbbass

Mr.Sandman8378 Oct 29,2012 06:18
Ohyeah let me not forget that I was given another account just the other day that im on now that still beats your 1 million points.

(hey ryan your gonna have fun reading all this lol)

NotoriousDhesi Oct 29,2012 06:18
Im not from this K thats why LOL

NotoriousDhesi Oct 29,2012 06:18
LOOOOL, YOUR SOO FUNNY, just watch your gonna be crying

Mr.Sandman8378 Oct 29,2012 06:19
ok there it is i now have 2 good reasons to get you banned time to send you over to the TW mods have fun with them :)

NotoriousDhesi Oct 29,2012 06:19
F*ck your shit and the alliance with your ass
we have more ppl and more villages and more alliance and more hommies than your punk ass

NotoriousDhesi Oct 29,2012 06:20

NotoriousDhesi Oct 29,2012 06:20
Grow some nuts kid

NotoriousDhesi Oct 29,2012 06:21
You in my hood you little clown

NotoriousDhesi Nov 05,2012 02:25
Those's are the message's he hasn't sent you and we have more from our other member's as well

This is the convo Notorious had with Skywalker ..

NotoriousDhesi Oct 31,2012 00:47
hows it going?

Skywalker69 Oct 31,2012 04:20
Its going.

NotoriousDhesi Oct 31,2012 04:28
Thats down? Sounds like you dont wanna talk to me , been trying to be friends=/

Skywalker69 Oct 31,2012 04:44
Will you be my friend?

NotoriousDhesi Oct 31,2012 06:15
Well i'm trying to, Would be pretty great, why not right?

Skywalker69 Oct 31,2012 06:26
I hope your tribe isn't nobling [coord]675|512[/coord].

NotoriousDhesi Oct 31,2012 06:30
I don't see a claim atm.
Anyways i was wondering, i can see your tribe as grown very high and,My tribe is also nears your and i was wondering if we can have some kinda of alliance to your tribe, we would love to help you guys out and secure k(56) , I really wanted to Discuss this matter which you.

Skywalker69 Oct 31,2012 10:13
How do you think this will benefit us both?

NotoriousDhesi Oct 31,2012 20:08
Well if you look on the map you is on the east your in the middle n were in the west I think we would go really far if we have an alliance I was thinking moving north n south to together while we seruce this (k)
It with benefit both of us instead of going to war when we can owned all theses kids

NotoriousDhesi Oct 31,2012 20:09
135X, s more support n 200x, s more attacks :)

NotoriousDhesi Nov 01,2012 01:39
I've been waiting on your reply.

Skywalker69 Nov 01,2012 15:00
Please try to write me a well-written mail why would it benefit my tribe to be in a alliance with yours.
Those messy mails are making you look bad.

NotoriousDhesi Nov 01,2012 21:13
Wtf you mean? That is well written its a game, not a resume or a job interview. Do you honestly want to have alliance? I'm not much a writer i'm more a soccer player and boxer so this the best its going to get :)

Benefit? If you look at the message at 31.10 at 20:08.
i talk about the benefits. and again like i said you guys are stuck in the middle .
We would be a good benefit, and i'm not gonna bother to keep explaining because you can look at the map. and i think we had some kind of alliance we would have more secure to K(56)

And we continue our attack on adhd

There is the convo about (ADHD) trying to have a ceasefire..and ask for peace Ok.. We agree with a 24hours ceasefire but they send attack after 5 hours .than we cancell. Its ok with this part cause on that we all agree to give US a chance to rebuilt..

Skywalker69 Nov 02,2012 07:41
I am sorry. My co player is rude. If he reads this he should be reminded (again) to change his writing colour and be more polite.

I would like a temporary ceasefire while we discuss diplomacy, how does that sound?

NotoriousDhesi Nov 02,2012 15:16
Well.. A ceasefire could sound good.. Let me talk with my Council and member. Back to you in few.. today

(Chuckj sitting)

What i answer him

chuckj Nov 02,2012 19:53
Hi sir and Duke of [ally]ADHD[/ally],

Im one of the diplomat in [ally]B.M.F[/ally] . We are talking about your offert of ceasefire in the council.

You are not without knowledge that [player]Mr.Sandman8378[/player] is a pain in the a** for a lot of people, incluing us.

how its your relation with him? maybe are you real friend? He backstab his friend, unloyal to his trib, and he only are a self-player caring for nobody else..

We cant add him on the ceasefire. Always flying to other trib to protect himsefl under a big trib protection..

Of course its just a game.. but sometime pep dont deserv to have respect . Dont respect other and you'll not be respected.. Its the same in real life..

Plus.. We dont like people who ask to stop attacking someone who start attacking our tribmate..

His black story start when [player]dclincher[/player] (ex BMF member and friend of him) leave us because he dont want to give a fight to Budd trib and started attacking one of our member . Than was just normal for us to reply with our axe.. Mr.Sandman, came to us rudly and ask us to stop attacking his friend.

Mr.Sandman8378 Oct 28,2012 20:05
I want all the attacks on [player]dclincher[/player] to stop. If you want to fuck with someone try me.


His friend never stop attacking our member.. He start to calling us noob because we didnt stop.. Well was a big joke..

And Afterall he ask :

Author said:
Mr.Sandman8378 Oct 30,2012 00:25
hey what would it take for peace to happen between our tribes

Dark Invader Oct 30,2012 03:45
i asked you more than once.... not to interfere in the matter of [player]dclincher[/player].... but you were not ready to listen at all.... now what happened ??

still i have one ques why we should consider helping specially you.... after what you did with your old buddies [ally]fury![/ally].... ??
and why we should forget all the differences....??

if you are successful in defending yourself i will help you else no way out.

I didnt show you evrything because we had so much talk.. (its crazy)

I can tell you more if you want. but did you ask yourself why he already have 4 tribe change? Such a loyal person! Well..

I think a ceasefire could be nice and we all agree.. but about Mr.sandman.... Nothing could be done between us and him..

plus he got a very nice story about him backstabbing Fury! guyz.... and ex budd members. Fury! guyz hate him and the ex budd members who joined also dont like him. I dont need to tell you that all want him rimmed at once.. In case, Fury! is our ally since the beginning than they need to be in the nap too..


1: We agree to make a NAP between [ally]ADHD[/ally] - [ally]B.M.F.[/ally] [ally]G.M.F[/ally] ,[ally]M.F.[/ally] and [ally]Fury![/ally]

2: Dismiss Mr.Sandman and he will be able to have what he deserv..We dont mind if you too guys nobling him..

3: Giving a 7 day nap and after we will re-talk about that together

your tought?

Thx to read,

Mary-jo xxx

Skywalker69 Nov 02,2012 22:31
I will look into it. Until then, don't attack him.
It may take a day or so, I will come back to you in this week.


chuckj Nov 02,2012 22:50
Nice to me..We are giving you 24 hours. Till than, we agree to dont attack anybody between our trib. sound good?

chuckj Nov 02,2012 22:51
and thx for your fast answer! :)


Skywalker69 Nov 02,2012 22:54
Sounds good

chuckj Nov 02,2012 22:55
Showing as nap until than. thx

After The ceasefire start.. 5 hour after they send attack on our member than we stop the ceasefire and Declar War to ADHD because they attack our member ..

AFTERALL .. Notorious still believe that they can be a part of our family. After they attack us, ask for ceasefire that they broke..

Than ADHD duke come to Notorious and Ask..

Skywalker69 Nov 04,2012 19:29
Well, I guess you are better. NormL is completely clear of troops. My troops got killed off on Flemminge, generally I am furious of my tribe having next to none troops. Well, congratz on getting us. Anyway, could we arrange some sort of agreement. Maybe us joining your family or something like that.

NotoriousDhesi Nov 05,2012 02:22
LOL? your asking for peace and your attacking my village?
We will talk after you kick out sandman and you can noble his villages or we will.

So i wanna hear what you got in mind, Since I've been talking the hole time.

NotoriousDhesi Nov 05,2012 02:57
you got 24 hours notice to let me know what you wanna do ,Family? That's a big thing you also have to change your name to (/////) Mafia Family, plus? You gotta kick sandman, and on top that you got 24 hours notice to figure out what you wanna do

Skywalker69 Nov 05,2012 17:02
Hmmm, a family tribe? We don't like sandman either, we are going to noble him soon.

NotoriousDhesi Nov 06,2012 00:03
Okay than? stop yaping your shit? and do something than nobleing my players

change your tribe name right now than

NotoriousDhesi Nov 06,2012 00:03
Put as us as allies

Skywalker69 Nov 06,2012 00:04
Ok, doing now, what am I changing name too?

Skywalker69 Nov 06,2012 00:04
And cancel your attack you bully.

NotoriousDhesi Nov 06,2012 00:05
Change it to (ANYTHIHING YOU WANT) Mafia Family

And kick out sandman right now, And declare peace first

Skywalker69 Nov 06,2012 00:05
Bit hard when you are scouting me.

NotoriousDhesi Nov 06,2012 00:06
Well you just nobbled my member? i will believe after you change your name to ours and declare peace than we can get started to securing the K

Skywalker69 Nov 06,2012 00:07
Yeah cause I wanted to be next to you. Duke and duke next to each other?

NotoriousDhesi Nov 06,2012 00:08
Yeah , But that's not even cool you like took my member's village away =/

Lets get things started right now? I want you to change your name to (something) Mafia Family..

and than lets start talking about what we should do?

NotoriousDhesi Nov 06,2012 00:10
Plus, on top of that You should really start doing something now.

NotoriousDhesi Nov 06,2012 00:12
you got 5 mins..

NotoriousDhesi Nov 06,2012 00:14

NotoriousDhesi Nov 06,2012 00:19
Okay your just playing dumb games , So im not gonna bother.

This your last 5 min notice

Skywalker69 Nov 06,2012 00:23
Wow, can't even have something to eat in peace. I am changing the name. Cancel the nobles.

NotoriousDhesi Nov 06,2012 00:24
do it first

Skywalker69 Nov 06,2012 00:24

NotoriousDhesi Nov 06,2012 00:24
also offer peace.

Skywalker69 Nov 06,2012 00:24
You said change the name and we can talk.

NotoriousDhesi Nov 06,2012 00:25
We'll talk after you put as us alles and shared forums .

Skywalker69 Nov 06,2012 00:26
If you do not cancel nobles there will be no peace.

NotoriousDhesi Nov 06,2012 00:26
and also kick out sandman right now, and also make us alliance also offer peace and yeah make a shared forums so we can tell anyone.

NotoriousDhesi Nov 06,2012 00:26
Last chance or were all gonna send attacks not us me.

Skywalker69 Nov 06,2012 00:27
Marked as allie, offer me a shared forum and i will offer peace shortly.

NotoriousDhesi Nov 06,2012 00:28
No peace right now.. Or were gonna attack.

NotoriousDhesi Nov 06,2012 00:29
1: kick out sandman
2: offer peace
3: Accept share forums
4: make tag A.M.F
5: Lets start talking about how to secure the K

looking forward working with you.

Skywalker69 Nov 06,2012 00:30
Going as fast as i can from my phone, so ill offer peace right now.

NotoriousDhesi Nov 06,2012 00:33
I dont see the peace offer yet.

Skywalker69 Nov 06,2012 00:34
R u sure?

NotoriousDhesi Nov 06,2012 00:35
I saw it now

1: kick out sandman
2: offer peace
3: Accept share forums
4: make tag A.M.F
5: Lets start talking about how to secure the K

Skywalker69 Nov 06,2012 00:37
Tag done, cant we keep sandman?

NotoriousDhesi Nov 06,2012 00:38
I understand Sandman if your friend but he betrayed a lot of members before me and you started talking hes nothing but a backstabber

you can take sandmans villages we only want a couple you can have the rest

the hole reason we got into war was over sandman

NotoriousDhesi Nov 06,2012 00:39
And have you guys marked us as alliance?

Skywalker69 Nov 06,2012 00:39
Let me think, what if we keep sandman in the tribe and make plans on him so he thinks he is safe?

Skywalker69 Nov 06,2012 00:40
Yea i have.

NotoriousDhesi Nov 06,2012 00:42
Author said:
Skywalker69 today at 00:39
Let me think, what if we keep sandman in the tribe and make plans on him so he thinks he is safe?

Yes im fine with that, Ummh when will we start the attacks? , and I was wondering what where gonna do about k56 since you guys got the middle of got the right side , so what do you prefer?

and we have other tribe members updated about this, so if your just fucking around your gonna get hit from the back.

Skywalker69 Nov 06,2012 00:43
What you mean i get hit from the back? lol

What you mean I got middle k56, like where to grow?

NotoriousDhesi Nov 06,2012 00:47
do you have Skype?

Skywalker69 Nov 06,2012 00:48
Yes, varden7676 add me.

NotoriousDhesi Nov 06,2012 00:48
Ive been wondering , Do you wanna start moving up forward? like going north all as one? and like if this alliance is actually true telling you now we'll come real far

NotoriousDhesi Nov 06,2012 02:08
You want More?? i can tell you more..

He never tell Us that he try to hardly to have an alliance with YOU.. Could be nice of course.. but he always put pressure on her duke.. and keep harassing her ..

That a diplomatic way to go?? that could help us to make ''friends''and ally of cours.. grrrrrrrr

NotoriousDhesi Nov 06,2012 04:46

godliss Nov 06,2012 04:47
how about you stop always askign for us to help you? you always want our help or protecctiong nad have nothing to offer in return

NotoriousDhesi Nov 06,2012 04:49
We do. What do you want we got it? we growing so fast .
why cant you just accept us

NotoriousDhesi Nov 06,2012 05:02

NotoriousDhesi Nov 06,2012 05:03
whatever fine our tribe done now than. you wasted my time when we needed

godliss Nov 06,2012 06:30
i never said i woudl give you anything. i said i'd watch to see how your tribe does. you formed allies with 4 tribes dont' blame your failure on me. i didnt' waste your time, i told you straight up from teh beginning.
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cbb reading.

sorry man for whatever happened, seems you are upset ;p


this is the little with the FENIX Duke..... huh

NotoriousDhesi Oct 26,2012 05:55
You guys wanted a nap with my tribe?
I heared you guys been recruiting our refugees
like [player]Kradiant[/player], i honestly dont wanan hear about this again recruiting our refugees is forbiddin.

I want reasons now for this honestly shouldnt be happeing

JackA7X Oct 26,2012 06:22
We should already have a NAP. I closed the deal with [player]S2 Tingx[/player] and resolved the issue regarding [player]Kradiant[/player]. However I don't see how can you possibly forbid other tribes to recruit players you are attacking. How are we meant to know, and why does it even matter? What sort of reason are you looking for as to why he was invited? The same reason we invited the rest of our players.

On a side note your grammar is quite bad and the amount of errors on your tribes profile is horrifying.

NotoriousDhesi Oct 26,2012 06:25
On a side note your grammar is quite bad and the amount of errors on your tribes profile is horrifying." theirs nothing wrong with my profile your just a hater. and this is my last warning no refuges . and from k56 is ours you stand put on your side plus we dont allow people to take refuges.

NotoriousDhesi Oct 26,2012 06:29
And are you the duke whos the duke ?

JackA7X Oct 26,2012 06:39
How about you have a go at the number one tribe [ally][PMS][/ally] for taking in refugees?

This matter has been resolved and is over. We have agreed on a NAP. I also see no reason why you would want to attack [player]Kradiant[/player] so this whole discussion is inane.

In regard you your statement "theirs nothing wrong with my profile your just a hater." I do not hate your tribe, but your statement is false. Your profile is the face of your tribe to other players however you have at least eight grammatical errors.

And yes I am the duke of [ally]FENIX[/ally].

NotoriousDhesi Oct 26,2012 08:42
It's a mafia not a spelling b test you Fag lol

N another thing your not even part of number one tribe what do you know I'm from world 8 KNT tribe I had million points to myself

N it hasn't been resolved my council Been messaging you also

NotoriousDhesi Oct 26,2012 08:43
N no one takes refugees if they do their just point whores

NotoriousDhesi Oct 26,2012 08:45
N I can tell you dont even know how to speak a profile

JackA7X Oct 26,2012 08:57
In response to "N it hasn't been resolved my council Been messaging you also" I'll show you the mail where the issue was resolved. As to you last to posts, they made no sense.

NotoriousDhesi Oct 26,2012 08:59
R u retarded or something? Lol

NotoriousDhesi Oct 26,2012 09:00
N means and .lmao

JackA7X Oct 26,2012 20:48
Although a ridiculous colloquial term I understood the meaning of "N", I'm talking about the meaning of "N no one takes refugees if they do their just point whores" wich is compleatly false, and the words chosen in "N I can tell you dont even know how to speak a profile". "speak a profile" is just utter nonsense.

NotoriousDhesi Oct 26,2012 20:55
Buddie just stfu.. im not a nerd kk
i smoke weed everyday i have a job and shit honestly this game isnt my life okay get a life kid.

Wtf do you mean speak profile wahts wrong with my profile? better than you profile LMAO.

NotoriousDhesi Oct 26,2012 20:55
It appears we have found ourselves on the rim...

But it is time for the Fenix to Rize.


1.2k point requirement


Looking for strong allies in K46 only.
If you mail me and your grammar is poor I will not take you seriously.


For anything else mail JackA7X

NotoriousDhesi Oct 26,2012 20:56
Founder Of Black Mafia Family


Open| Limited | CLOSED

The Recruitment staff encourage you to send us a application. Please make put it in full detail. Thankyou and Regards. Recruitment Staff


Open | Limited | Closed

Death Before Dishonor

-Scouting a member
-Attacking a member
-Inviting a member
-Threatening a member

If you have any Questions feel free to message. stevetracey.
Dark Invader

Brother Tribe ;M.F.

NotoriousDhesi Oct 26,2012 20:56
Ours is way better than yours your just a str8 dumb ass

NotoriousDhesi Oct 26,2012 20:57
Now tell me whats so wrong about mine? lol you dont know anything your just a nerd with big words like honestly get a life worry about your own shit. later

AND i never wanna see you taking our R;s

JackA7X Oct 26,2012 21:02
You can't speak a profile, I think what you were attempting to say was write a profile. Speaking is saying words, writing is writing (or in this case typing) them so that others can read.

Your profile is by no means better than mine. It may be a bit more fancy and have more information on it, however mine is free from grammatical errors.

And by the way saying you smoke weed everyday is not a good thing, actually it's pretty foul. Why would you boast about being addicted to inhaling smoke from burning plants? And you job, McDonald's?

JackA7X Oct 26,2012 21:03
And I will take 'your' R's.

NotoriousDhesi Oct 26,2012 21:09
No my job is a longshoremen lmao, something that you will neever be

and i take im gonna end the nap between us because you honestly dont listen at all and your just a dumbass i dont care if have grammer errors it aint a spelling b test LOL.

NotoriousDhesi Oct 26,2012 21:09
And smoking weeds the best thing ever your a fag

NotoriousDhesi Oct 26,2012 21:11
Good luck to you our Nap is now ended :)

Oct 26
21:09 The tribe has canceled their relationship with FENIX.

NotoriousDhesi Oct 26,2012 21:11
Maybe next time you'll learn buddie.

NotoriousDhesi Oct 26,2012 21:11
And another thing were going to be alliance with [ally]YOU[/ally] SO good luck to you fagget.

JackA7X Oct 26,2012 21:12
Actually to get far in the game you would do well to use proper grammar. And your right, I will never be a longshoreman. Simple grunt work is below me; I am going to university to get a masters degree in mechanical engineering.

JackA7X Oct 26,2012 21:12
How is [ally]YOU[/ally] relevant?

NotoriousDhesi Oct 26,2012 21:13
AHAHAHHA, i was 3 automotive body-repair shops and service tech i finished my school unlike you

NotoriousDhesi Oct 26,2012 21:13

NotoriousDhesi Oct 26,2012 21:14
And i get paid 90$ an hour thats more than your momm and dad probably make lol

JackA7X Oct 26,2012 21:16
I finished school lol... And I'm not too sure about the currency conversion but I think it's less.

NotoriousDhesi Oct 26,2012 21:19
its 50-120$ an hour :) , and again we ended our NAP. so please take us off Nap . you can explain to your tribe why we ended it because you like to take refuges, i honestly think you haven't been in a tribe before a big one before because a tribe doesn't allow refuges at all.
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And there I was in my silliness thinking the thread title was long ...


know that the external forums use a different form of its [spoil] here not


He's a writer, soccer player, boxer and longshoreman(whatever that is)? :icon_eek:


There is an other part of the story.. in the Back stage...

He never talk about that in the council..never ask opinion.. When he told me that our ennemy just wanna be a part of the family.. was my reaction :

[spoil][2012-11-05 19:19:28] Dh Notorious: yoo
[2012-11-05 19:19:29] Dh Notorious: chuck
[2012-11-05 19:33:15] Dh Notorious: Theyre offering peace
[2012-11-05 19:36:38] Chuckj: ... ?
[2012-11-05 19:36:46] Dh Notorious: well i takled to skywalker
[2012-11-05 19:36:48] Dh Notorious: he offered peace..
[2012-11-05 19:36:56] Dh Notorious: and hes kicking out sandman we get all his villages
[2012-11-05 19:37:01] Dh Notorious: and they joined our family.
[2012-11-05 19:38:34] Chuckj: forward me the mail
[2012-11-05 19:40:46] Chuckj: Noto!! come on.. you realy trust him?
[2012-11-05 19:41:01] Dh Notorious: Well i know
[2012-11-05 19:41:05] Chuckj: you realy believe what he said
[2012-11-05 19:41:08] Dh Notorious: we just watch out for now
[2012-11-05 19:41:14] Dh Notorious: but if he doesnt
[2012-11-05 19:41:17] Dh Notorious: than we'll do a backfire
[2012-11-05 19:42:31] Chuckj: shae our forum ?
[2012-11-05 19:42:41] Chuckj: shared our furum ?
[2012-11-05 19:42:51] Dh Notorious: hidden shared fourm
[2012-11-05 19:43:17] Chuckj: but you dont trust themm?? how they can agree to be a part of our family! hahah its a big joke
[2012-11-05 19:43:19] Chuckj: damn
[2012-11-05 19:43:20] Chuckj: wow
[2012-11-05 19:43:32] Chuckj: sws ally with adhd
[2012-11-05 19:43:39] Chuckj: you ally with sws
[2012-11-05 19:44:01] Chuckj: someone else told me that adhd is ally to you too
[2012-11-05 19:44:07] Chuckj: nah
[2012-11-05 19:45:33] Dh Notorious: =/
[2012-11-05 19:47:17] Dh Notorious: I dont even know
[2012-11-05 19:47:22] Dh Notorious: why would they offer to be part of our family
[2012-11-05 19:48:59] Dh Notorious: add skywalker
[2012-11-05 19:49:01] Dh Notorious: varden7676
[2012-11-05 19:49:18] Chuckj: where
[2012-11-05 20:00:31] Dh Notorious: ive put you
[2012-11-05 20:00:35] Dh Notorious: in the adhd chat
[2012-11-05 20:00:40] Dh Notorious: please figure stuff out with them
[2012-11-05 20:03:23] Dh Notorious: sound like nice ppl[/spoil]

And there its my trying to talk with ADHD leader after the ''big new''

[spoil][/quote][2012-11-05 19:50:26] Chuckj: hi sir
[2012-11-05 19:50:44] Chuckj: like what i said on my profil...
[2012-11-05 19:50:54] Chuckj: we are humain behind the computer
[2012-11-05 19:51:25] Chuckj: and the thing i can tell you is.. WTF noto believe you...
[2012-11-05 19:51:44] Chuckj: its a game.. and not a fair one...
[2012-11-05 19:52:07] Chuckj: but damn.. .
[2012-11-05 19:52:31] Chuckj: peace and love! pfff ;)
[2012-11-05 19:52:46] Chuckj: i have to tell you that.. you impress me
[2012-11-05 19:52:48] Chuckj: hahahha
[2012-11-05 19:53:05] Sky: You confused me a bit.
[2012-11-05 19:53:21] Sky: But yeah peace
[2012-11-05 19:53:39] Chuckj: are you serious
[2012-11-05 19:53:42] Chuckj: come on.
[2012-11-05 19:53:48] Chuckj: why?
[2012-11-05 19:53:54] Chuckj: than
[2012-11-05 19:53:56] Sky: Why have peace?
[2012-11-05 19:54:00] Chuckj: yes
[2012-11-05 19:54:02] Chuckj: Why
[2012-11-05 19:54:02] Chuckj: lol
[2012-11-05 19:54:18] Chuckj: ok..
[2012-11-05 19:54:36] Chuckj: if i wasnt in bmf
[2012-11-05 19:55:08] Chuckj: that look like bmf treating you, some rude maner from noto
[2012-11-05 19:55:53] Chuckj: i cant believe .. with the talk you got with him..
[2012-11-05 19:56:02] Chuckj: that you agree to that!
[2012-11-05 19:56:05] Chuckj: hahahah
[2012-11-05 19:56:07] Chuckj: come on
[2012-11-05 19:56:11] Chuckj: its me or..
[2012-11-05 19:56:41] Sky: yeah i am serious
[2012-11-05 19:56:45] Sky: he is smart man
[2012-11-05 19:57:02] Chuckj: Hahahahahhahahahahahahaha
[2012-11-05 19:57:19] Chuckj: well..
[2012-11-05 19:57:29] Chuckj: its a big joke ;)
[2012-11-05 19:57:48] Sky: what is?
[2012-11-05 19:59:08] Chuckj: im not so stupid you know ;) its not my first world..
[2012-11-05 19:59:32] Sky: :^)
[2012-11-05 20:01:01] Sky: Can you explain what you mean?
[2012-11-05 20:09:29] Sky: ?
[2012-11-05 20:41:58] Chuckj: ok .. how old are you?? if i can ask
[2012-11-05 20:42:07] Sky: 18
[2012-11-05 20:42:34] Sky: Why?
[2012-11-05 22:30:07] Sky: When i attacked bab bab black sheep
[2012-11-05 22:30:14] Sky: Did you lose many troops?
[2012-11-05 22:32:06] Chuckj: not realy
[2012-11-05 22:33:03] Chuckj: can talk in mic now?
[2012-11-05 22:33:30] Sky: Nah
[2012-11-05 22:33:36] Sky: I don't talk to enemies.
[2012-11-05 22:33:41] Chuckj: ;)
[2012-11-05 22:35:13] Chuckj: you know that im realy active.. and that im more smart than some.. lol
[2012-11-05 22:35:45] Chuckj: like what i told you... dont think im stupid like
[2012-11-05 22:36:14] Sky: Your all noobs.
[2012-11-05 22:36:23] Chuckj: not at all..
[2012-11-05 22:36:26] Chuckj: ;)
[2012-11-05 22:36:44] Chuckj: We have just a bad Duke
[2012-11-05 22:37:05] Chuckj: look how he was talking to you
[2012-11-05 22:37:06] Sky: Well, you all have no villages soon.
[2012-11-05 23:39:13] Sky: Your duke likes men.
[2012-11-05 23:39:16] Sky: Just saying.
[2012-11-05 23:39:39] Chuckj: ?
[2012-11-05 23:40:40] Sky: [5 novembre 2012 23:28] Dh Notorious:
<<< Yo show me another picture of you
[2012-11-05 23:40:44] Sky: He likes men
[2012-11-05 23:41:05] Chuckj: and thats suppose to make me mad ?? or
[2012-11-05 23:41:22] Sky: Nah
[2012-11-05 23:41:24] Chuckj: he can love dog.. i dont give a fuck lol
[2012-11-05 23:41:30] Sky: jealous more like.
[2012-11-05 23:42:09] Chuckj: heuuuuuuuuu jalous??
[2012-11-05 23:42:14] Chuckj: im suppose to be?
[2012-11-05 23:42:22] Sky: Ya
[2012-11-05 23:42:30] Chuckj: ha.. kk thx for the info hahah




My reply is simple.

Side 1:
Tribes: ADHD
Side 2:
Tribes: FURY!, ~SB~, PKs

Timeframe: Forever

Total conquers:

Side 1: 72
Side 2: 37
Difference: 35


Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 16
Side 2: 1
Difference: 15


Points value of total conquers:

Side 1: 309,266
Side 2: 67,092
Difference: 242,174


Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 84,709
Side 2: 4,616
Difference: 80,093



My reply is simple.

Side 1:
Tribes: ADHD
Side 2:
Tribes: FURY!, ~SB~, PKs

Timeframe: Forever

Total conquers:

Side 1: 72
Side 2: 37
Difference: 35


Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 16
Side 2: 1
Difference: 15


Points value of total conquers:

Side 1: 309,266
Side 2: 67,092
Difference: 242,174


Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 84,709
Side 2: 4,616
Difference: 80,093


No idea what the hell you were replying to but thank you. THank you for making something in this thread simple


i have 31 years old ..
I highly doubt that, from the first view sentences and a quick scan, you sound like a but hurt 7 year old who can't handle a keyboard, never mind a tribe.


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It is simple. If you guys bothered to read the whole thing he quotes me from skype and in game messages.

By me showing stats of us kicking their butts in a war, I am showing ADHD don't give two Pucks what the noobs have to say.


It is simple. If you guys bothered to read the whole thing he quotes me from skype and in game messages.

By me showing stats of us kicking their butts in a war, I am showing ADHD don't give two Pucks what the noobs have to say.

So sory that you think it was about your tribe or you skywalker.. i dont know if you take a look at the title... but anyway..

you are not the one i care about or want to show something about you.. hope you understand...