lol, y'all be gettin soft innit, PLEASE DO NOT COME BACK LEWOLFxxH4CKeR.



He`s gone missing again..

Anyway, I`ll have to ask for delaying a short while. Gonna try to catch some ppl so I can get a bit of inside view (I haven`t been around in about a month so I`ll need to get a bit info so I don`t make up go make up stuff without actual content for any evaluation).

Anyone who is avaluable atm and is willing to gimme some kind of input/material and any interview victims.. I mean subjects are wellcome to catch me on skype the next coming hours.

Edit: Two interviews completed so far and there is 2 more a bit older and unfinished to be wrapped up but I`ll do my best to put a minor issue tonight (servertimewise). Thanks to those who has been kind enough to give their input. Still, the more the merrier so anyone who is up for a minor chat, just give me a shout after 22 ST please. Anyone/everyone is wellcome as long as it is TW related (prefered RoyalE, Civil and NBD thoe :p )

Thanks :)
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