Ode to a Jealous Lover


I posted this for my w30 tribe. It was suggested I cross-post it a couple other places.
Hope you like.

Ode to a Jealous Lover

We've been together for nearly three years
you've made me laugh, you've had me shed tears,
Though there are others who vie for my heart,
among all my Loves, you stand apart.

No other affair has controlled me like you
You take my hard-earned money, and all my time, too.
But I want you, I need you, I'd give you much more,
You're no simple browser game, you're my sweet Tribal Wars!

We met over a banner ad, on FaceBook, I think
You promised "Play Free!"... I did not even blink
I clicked and I joined, and I gained a small village,
I built and recruited and learned how to pillage.

Those early days with you, you were sweet, you were kind.
If I left for a day or two, you didn't mind.
My warehouse would max, my queues all run dry,
but when I came back, my love, we would fly.

The heady rush as I cleared a new farm
the PM's I'd get full of shock and alarm…
They drew me in deeper, made me want to log in
Each village I conquered brought a new grin.

You introduced me to people all over the world
Our circle of friends grew, new vistas unfurled
You invited me to dabble in scripting and code
and promised adventure down every new road.

Soon I was buying you gifts, of Premium, and Ads-Free.
I played multiple worlds (and the odd round of Speed)
You demanded another payment from me every time,
but baby, I love you and I really don't mind.

I flirted with WoW, games of skill, and of luck,
but they really don't give the same bang for my buck.
So I came back, and promised that I would be true,
that I'll stay to the end of the World with you.

That's when you sank your teeth deep into me,
took my mornings and evenings and any time free.
I log in on my lunch hour, call you on my break,
and if I forget, you point out my mistake.

I have to be home, just to spend time with you
I skip movies and date nights and bars and good brew.
The yard work has suffered, the garage's in a state,
but my resources are balanced and my sniping is great!

Sometimes I want to have back my old life…
go for coffee with friends, or spend time with the wife.
But you give me no freedom, you cut me no slack,
I say that I'll quit you, but I always come back.

I get angry, resentful, I threaten to leave,
but then you'll have some new war up your sleeve,
or a bit of diplomacy I just can't let lie,
so I log on, buckle down, give it one more try.

And you reward me with captures, with rank, and with fame,
The adrenaline rush of a well-played game.
I'm hooked, I'm enthused, and I'm back on your chain.
You have me under your thumb, your slave once again.

Some day I will leave you, my darling, my dear.
I'm married to Real Life, and you're just an affair.
Some day I'll decide that I don't need to play.
I know it will be soon... but it won't be today.

- Raven


Very good, RavenJ.

I enjoyed reading it :)

Btw, feel free to re-post it in the W48 General Forums as well ^_^
You're more than welcomed to, in fact.


All I could think about was that you actually took the time to write it, only affirming what you said in it.
Sorry. :/

Enjoyable read though.
+1 internet


That was pretty sick. Deep too believe it or not, but it made you laugh at the same time.
"The yard work has suffered, the garage's in a state,
but my resources are balanced and my sniping is great!"

Well done.


Thanks guys, glad ya like it.

Very nice Ravenj :)

Ye merciful deities above! It's Fishaaaaaaay!!!

Dude, I've missed you. The world has been dying since you left. (sniff) People can blame Drew and met all they want, but I know that W14's downfall started the day you deleted.


this found its way onto my tribes forum over on w16 as well lol. quite a good piece of work there mate :)


you don't have to leave ahahah , just hire me to sit your baby : P (*i wonder if raven would hug me again*)

such wonderful poem : P i really like it , and I love it : P

!should i post your pic here ? i guess i just misplace it somewhere in the nternet :p