Odin declares on World


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Read the CM ODIN GOD OF WAR sent out recently.

We are the inactive ones mate. :p

ODIN GOD OF WAR today at 16:10
Valhalla is calling,

the signs of Ragnarok are growing, we will not let it unfold, we WILL stop it, will you fight for light or dark? Will you take up your rightfull place as an Einherjar or will you perish for the deception and lies of a chanceless victory.

Many times has Ragnarok shown his ugly face, and just as many times the einherjar have fought along side the gods fierce as Kings!

This is the day we recall our brave and ferocious fighters home to fight along side us to hold off Ragnarok for once and for all!

So that you all may share the glorious taste of victory.

I Odin will lead the vanguard myself, the powers of this world have been deminished for months, the activity is low, participation in OP’s is neglectable, tribes are filled with inactivity.

Our tribe is free of these burdens.
We are active, our morale is high, we have a seasoned war commander, we have a seasoned defence coordinator and we have a skilled leader to oversee it al.

King Geldwolf is the sole duke of Valhalla, mail him and receive an invite to sit at our tables and feast upon the blood of our enemies.

We are recalling all former ODIN members back to ODIN, and will accept anyone else who realised that fighting for the DARK is a mistake.

Just remember, NSA attacked first, King Geldwolf promised Barry that any agression between the tribes would not be initiated from our side.

He kept his promise.


WHERE ARE THE CAPS??????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????


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It's a tad quiet recently. Would anyone like some stats?!

Side 1:
Tribes: ANA, Retro, Noble, NSA
Side 2:
Tribes: -RIM-, ODIN

Timeframe: Last month

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 420
Side 2: 64
Difference: 356

Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 3,531,152
Side 2: 499,266
Difference: 3,031,886



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I am not playing W99, but would be glad to join any account fighting against Ragnar and Baker. Online playing times: Ragnar is in Sydney Australia and Baker is in New York.