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I just got some mail from one of my adoring fans that I thought I would share

Guy Who Thinks I'm Better Than Shadryk said:
omg why did you get rid of your wall of text!!!!??????!!!!!

you noob i was on that wall of text i am so upset by this. seriosly i will mail that noob shadryk and tell him to restart, cause he smells like a fish......

i actuelly might cry now because i';m sooo upset, i would attack you, but i don't want you to noble me, cause you're so much better than that shadryk guy.

Sorry Shadryk, but it looks like I'm better than you


I had a busy weekend so just catchign up.

Wikipedia is great.

Cheeseburger Cheeseburger Cheeseburger is listed as originally from the Billy Goat Tavern on Lower North Michigan in Chicago.

Poll: bird is the word
Yes: 3
No: 3

Watch it nosferatuseven. Don't get us banned.

I tried a smaller version of the burger pizza. WOW!!! it was fantastic.

80's music still rocks!!!


i like heavy metal..........seriously, abba is pretty cool though.


How does nosferatuseven's post stay there?

yes, its true.

But also he did not use it in a bad way, and I never saw

I was gone for 3 days. =D

I will warn him.

Thanks bud.

Ever consider a job as a mod?


i have pom-poms. if any one wants a private showing just give me a shout.