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How should a offensive town look like? Or a defensive one?
Should there be a bit of both. I just started playing again after many many years andI've forgotten about everything.
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your first village is really the only one that should ever be mixed in the early stages of the world (depending on how you play etc), but after that no shouldn't ever be mixing troops. (like LC in a defensive village for farming/scav, or some spear in a defensive village for scavv and minimal defense to stack with tribe) early on you won't have full village builds so like a nuke could be only 3k axe 1.5k lc 150 ram etc just because you won't be hav

offense generally most are around ~ 6k axe 3k lc 300ram. in ma worlds if you feel they are neccessary you can trade a few lc for ma and some people tend to like a lot of cats as well trading some axe/lc for cats.

defense depends on if its archer world and what you prioritize build time/movement speed if you end up being frontline/backline but in your first village its likely ging to be primarily spear/sword though early in the world and again theres a bunch of different things depending on preferences but like 1k+ HC how much depnds then couple thousand spear/swd spear/swd/archers. some people hate swords some people hate archers.

you should be able to use the search function and look for swords, archers village builds and probably find some stuff post ~2018ish that should cover some stuff or some early game start up guides that should cover it as thats going to be more important that late game builds.
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If the world has scavenging you should make 800-1k spears at the start.

Other than that make your first village offensive, with a focus on LC early on for farming.

For defensive villages you want to mix in some HC because infantry builds take a long time to finish.
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