Offer to bash


I would like to offer myself as a basher, something you don't see everyday. ^^
I'm a generally capable player, only need 1 serious world, which is now w80 (I'm in Regime). However I've never bashed for someone, I'm used to recruiting newbies or players I'm on the verge of rimming to do my bashing. I'd like to give it a try myself for fun. I think it's a fun way of flag farming and am also curious what ODA-levels I might reach.

The top 10 of w81 are at the level where bashers start becoming relevant. I don't need to start right away, I'm perfectly happy arranging something to start in 1-2 weeks from now.

I expect to be invited by you (free pp for you I think) in your territory and flooded with res to get a few villas going. I advertise my bashing on my profile for protection. I go 100% off. I am perfectly capable of scouting, assessing and neutralizing targets myself, so the more freedom you give me, the more igm's you'll receive stating 'this one is ready for you'. After a while area's get cleaned up, I relocate and you just take my original villages so I can stay relatively small. I have no growth fetisj, I'm here to get good ODA and help clean up area's.

Bashers sometimes evolve to co-players or even account take overs when proven loyal and capable, I can already tell you I will not be interested in this. Bashing doesn't take a lot of time and I do not intend to spend a lot of time on w81. A daily login to keep the queues going and send out the nukes is all that is needed.

As I said I can wait two weeks or so, so any player that is at least 15 villages by then I can consider. I prefer players in solid premades as that would make the arrangement a lot more stable long term.

Hit me up with a pm if you're interested and mention which account or tribe I'd be bashing for. I'm active on skype daily for w80.


"I expect to be invited by you (free pp for you I think) in your territory..."

As he mentioned, he will start from 0, he dosen't have a village yet in this world.