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Discussion in 'World 74' started by makobex, Aug 29, 2016.

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  1. makobex

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    Oct 8, 2010
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    This world is finally coming to an end in a couple of days, so it's the perfect timing to make this thread for everyone (NME or not) to say their last words.
    I personally have so much to say, but I'll try to not make it boring. Not for you lot reading it, but for the future me when i re-visit these forums :p

    Tribalwars and w9 was one of my best gaming experiences, due to its longevity and the great time, with its ups and downs, we had for those 3-4 years. So it was natural to not quit the game even after a sour defeat. Unfortunately not all members from our group started this world, which was expected after 3 years of not playing together. OTD (aka Solo), Erill, Moonsire, Loua and Tofy took my invites though and we had a great time, even though the latter two weren't able to show their true TW selves due to different life situations (uni students in w9 -> family guys in w74). Moon is a little swede drunk so who cares about him really. OTD and Erill were the people i interacted the most with throughout the entire world from the w9'ers. Patrick had the pleasure of being the first to listen to my blabbing, complaints, boasting, commands/requests (even though he did his own thing anyway - good for NME) and anything that crossed my mind about the game. And he also came to me for my honest opinion about various matters even before i joined the council. This world played out like it should. You being the duke and me being one of the many. You know what a great fun it is playing with you, so I wont elaborate...
    And Erill was my brother in arms in every front, most notably K44 during the Loyal war and K63 during the Growth war when we dismantled them and equally shared the continent (I just let you take over #1 :p). Patrick may have been my duke, but you're my favorite w9'er <3. Also special mentions to KONTOULIS and 17thNovember who briefly played on Zahariel and Mr Manners respectively. W74 was lucky it didn't face the greek trio at full throttle lol :D
    But of course, for me, this world was not just about a little bunch of losers who regrouped for the world win we couldn't get back then. We met some great people and players along the way and made great friendships. We also met some real scrubs and selfish people (unavoidable). I'll say a few words for most of them.

    lapakas - I had the pleasure to converse with both players, but never really fight against them or alongside them. Very deservedly voted best player for 2015. Very skilled all around player with great knowledge of scripts and tactics. Elevated NME when you joined us after Loyal fell. #1 Growth nobler if i'm not mistaken (adding the conquers before the official declaration) Also my last rival for the ODA top spot... just for a little while :p
    Warpro - I fought with you a little in k44, but not alongside you after your joining us. Another player that really helped the tribe greatly by nobling Growth and others
    Baggy - Once a noob, always a noob, but you did an awesome job for NME. And dont forget: Chelsea > Arsenal
    Legionnaire - Our conversations with both Lego and Crisis were always fun and there's a mutual respect for a long time. One of the most skilled players in the tribe and a great baron for NME. Well-played all the way mate.
    Pure Pandemonium - I dont even know why you get a special mention... damn scrub <3
    Mr Manners - I'll do dagan below even though he plays on this account the past few months. About the original Manners (Nick), what can i say. I know you since i was tiny in the k32,42 border. We've done so much together. From cleaning up nubs in k42,52 to pushing and nobling Growth in k62,63. You're definitely my favorite non-w9'er alongisde dagan. Always there to help either with your nukes and defs or with your cool and calm opinion on all tribal matters. Truly an honor playing alongside you for over 2 years now mate.
    Dagan - The guy who stepped up after Sobaks left and made the solid foundation for OTD to take over and carry NME to the world win. Few guys can really earn my respect and you're one of them Dagan. You created an atmosphere of unity, teamwork, loyalty inside the tribe that never really wavered even at our hardest time, during the first couple months of the Loyal war. And although you didn't let me eat dlhu for months i've forgiven you :p
    Newfie King - Another player that really helped NME since he joined and ended up being one of the barons. Great job mate especially in the k51,61 front vs Growth.
    You Angry Bro - Never really played with you since you're a northener, but you've been NME through and through and had a great impact
    oldmannie - Our little turtle from the Loyal war. Awesome job holding your ground for so long and then turning it around during last summer in our big counter attack. And although you got lazy for a little while after that, you answered to my call and dominated Growth in k64,74. Great job both of you guys (Brandon and Josh)
    Maltd - Our little Granny. Enjoy the win malty, you've earned it
    lesss - Out little troll. Too bad you're away due to rl issues. You've helped NME a lot both as supporter and attacker and of course with your troll posts :D
    dlhu (my co) - Ohhh the irony. From being my ADHD neighbor in K52 and the most annoying player i had to interact with for months you became my co last June (after i finally roasted you lol). The account at last had someone to farm more consistently and to watch it while i slept and be active 24/7. We had a great chemistry, you being extremely quiet and letting me take every decision like i want without objections and doubts, just your opinion. Thanks for all the help :)

    I could probably talk about more of you people... But i said i'll try to not make a novel out of it.
    It's needless to say the remaining members of NME that didn't get special mention, deserve the win equally. Everyone offered their services in their own way. Thanks for everything :)
    Too bad some of them are not here with us like Winterwolf or Yniets who were true pillars for NME and great council for Dagan and Solo long before i was given access to hiddens myself. This win is for you guys too.

    As for the other category of people. I'd like to once again express my satisfaction to seeing people like Mystery Nuke (or Madonna or Black Dawn or whatever), Trustmeimlying and of course Troll Hadeous go down. I wish we could have decided the way WindsofWar31 went down too, but the farmer hit delete on his own. I'd love to give him the kitmarlowe treatment...
    Also Tuzain. You can't expect to win a world just with diplomacy. It's your problem that you put all your eggs on your rival's basket and to Angels Fury, please tell me you dont STILL think that Growth saved NME or something lol. You beat ADHD and then watched us beat Loyal till you joined in to get a big piece of the pie. Always the easy path.

    After expressing my gratification to all my tribe mates I'd like to say some stuff about me and my own goals in this world.
    I actually took the w74 invite kinda randomly from couple old friends (Capricus and Zerpex from w9, who quit very very early) around early May 2014 and joined the world with the intention of messing around. After just one month and with OTD at last taking my invite the goal instantly became to try our best to win it all and not simply dunk some rim noobs. I personally had a very easy early game until the tribe Where (later renamed to NME) started hitting my tribe. Long story short i ended up in Glory (aka Fanta) and was even tribe mates with Manners, Solo, Lego, baggy (and other future NME members) for a brief period. Some went to Where, some to Gamers, some quit or whatever. I was not involved with the politics in the early-mid game so my memory is fuzzy, but with me in Where and Solo in Gamers it was a matter of time for the tribes to merge. And with loua/tofy/erill in some noob tribe in the west ... same deal. So the reunion of us w9'ers happened in NME during Autumn of 2014 and the rest is history.
    My personal goal after the first real war started (vs Loyal) was to start leaving my stamp on the world and stop being one of the 'west rim NME noobs' some of our enemies called us. Around 2 years later and with ~470M ODA (no cheating involved there - can't say the same for my ODD though) and a little bit of cocky/cheeky attitude i think i've achieved just that. Also the top5 finish is quite sweet
    Too bad i never really got OP'ed either by Loyal in k44 or by Growth in k62,63,64. Ohh well, can't have it all i guess.

    That's pretty much it. It was a short but very fun world to play. For those of you NME guys who quit the game, i wish you a happy life. For those who continue, maybe i'll see you in another world next year.

    P.S. Thanks for putting up with me Solo and Dagan. And the rest of you who didn't mind my excessive use of the b word :D

    Proud member and baron of Nemesis
  2. Lord Noj

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    Nov 24, 2008
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    Its been an honour playing with you all. I came to this world to fill a vacant place nearly 2 years ago and whilst I have not played as often as I would have liked. I have contributed and achieved what I set out to do and finish in the top 20.

    Dagan and I go way back to W17 and we won that world too.

    I wish you all well in future worlds and maybe sometime soon I'll come back for another go.

    Lord Noj
  3. Mystery Nuke

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    Jul 21, 2015
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    One last time good bye W74. Even though it didnt end very well for me, I literally liked the world.
    Now that some months passed and I havent been playing tribalwars since I quit W86, I had some time to rethink some things I did about this world.
    I regret being, literally, an ass somtimes. Should have just put the shit in Loyal together and not join Growth (which as I should have known) was a tribe that only tried winning the world by barb munching and hugging everybody. If Growth would have jumped into the war on our side as a long term ally, imo, was supposed to do, the world would have (maybe) ended in another way. But that doesnt matter anymore. I hold much respect for your stable and amazing leadership. Truly a real leader was what we didnt have on the other side of the fence (not in Loyal and defo not in Growth).

    So, sorry for me being too hot headed, I just hate losing and I took it way too far. The only thing that has really hurt me still wasnt that I had to press delete due to isolation, the backstabbing of kit and especially of Z (damn I liked you very much man) was the reason for me to not share any interest in ever really playing this game again, false people hide in every corner of this game.

    Good to see that kit and Hadeus got what they deserved.

    Hopefully you can make another sucessful run in some other world (and that goes out to all of you, except for kit and Hadeus + Z)

  4. feryszabo

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    May 22, 2014
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    Has been a wonderful journey!

    I started to play again after a 4 years break and I don't regret it.

    I started again on W74 with the idea of having fun, make new friends and to enjoy the beauty of the game.
    K37 was the base for my first village and I remember the begining of the game with nostalgy. I found here my best ingame friend, Sir TJ. We succeed to grow together, step by step, helping each other and to made our way through this world. Thank you TJ for beeing here with me all the time!

    I remember with joy about every important tribes that I was part of: Yay!, Loyal and of course NME. I want to thank the dukes of Yay (Panamakid) and Loyal (Sam - TrustMeImLying) for all the effort they put in leading their tribes.

    But most of all I want to thank Solo for his great leadership. He succeed to keep us together, to push our limits and to lead us on the way to victory. Thank you Solo, you are the main reason that NME is the great tribe that it is today.

    I want to thank Dagan for his efforts in creating this group of wonderful people. He steped in all the time when was needed and put the ship on the right wave.

    I want to mention here the name of lapakas, who was amaizing in the first part of the Loyal-NME war and with whom I personally worked very well in clearing the K57-K67 area. And to congratulate him for taking number one spot in the world ranking and for winning the Most skilled player of year 2015 Award.

    Makobex, I am sure you did lots more than beeing a strong fighter - ODA speaks for you more than enough :) You did something more important in my opinion. You gave us the joy of playing the game. Thank you for that!

    I also want to mention my fight team in k57-K67, with special mention for tigerslash (Paul) and komarcek with whom I was pleased to fight along.

    NME is a great tribe with very good players and wonderful mates. I want to thank each and every one of you guys for all the time we spend together. It wasn't an easy road but I am happy that we made it together. Thank you and congratulation! Well done NME!

    In the end I want to thank to all W74 players, not only my mates from NME. There were great players in other tribes also, no question about that. I will really like to meet some of you again in other worlds.

    It's been a realy honor to be part of this group of wonderful people! Congratulation NME! Thank you all guys!


    feryszabo - also proud member of NME :)
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  5. OTDDeathAwaits

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    Mar 11, 2008
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    This word had it all, great wars, great players, comradery and all the cloak and dagger stuff.

    If I was to dissect my journey from the start to the end it all came down to a few factors; dedicated people, cunning, trust, all dashed with a bit of luck. 99 times out of 100 and a tribe in the situations we found ourselves in would have fell flat on their face; it wasn't without its bumps. We had internal leadership struggles to not having a friend in the world - that's a wide spectrum and we overcame them all.

    Congratulations to everyone in NME. Truly all of you deserve your place in the final roster. Everyone played their part, some more obvious than others but we are the building blocks that made our tribe. Each of us have sacrificed and I hope the reward of finishing with this win was for you all as worthwhile as it was for me as we close the book on the world.
    The people we lost along the way; yniets and Winterwolf. I hope you read this. This was your doing too. You contributed massively and due to real life circumstance you didn't make it to the end but still I salute you.

    To all our enemies that we had to overcome either through direct fighting or manipulation. You put up a brave fight but with the components that made NME I would pitch us against anyone or any tribe. I am sure you'll find successes on another world.
    I'm not sorry for the politics I personally played. I didn't play by the metaphorical rules and neither did our enemies granted. I'd do it all over again and not change a thing. Begrudge if you will.

    My brotherhood of ex-w9ers. I am lost for words. We've come so far and fought so many battles over the course of both worlds together and I'm delighted I can share this victory with you. Time for a break until our next world and we've picked up a few more unique and passionate bothers and sisters to start a new world with in the future.

    Until then!
    Proud duke of NME
  6. Angels Fury

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    Jan 28, 2009
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    Matter of fact Makobex I still do believe NME would have lost the world if Growth had joined Loyal in that war as was supposed to. Was really a culmination of things with fraying relations with Loyal and Tuz and Solo making their deal (saw what that got us). In the end we will never know which is the most disappointing part of this world for me is so much that will never be known and the best Growth was capable of was never brought to fruition. Once Tuz and Mel (Hulking Draugr) left that took the backbone out of Growth, Growth was designed and setup for only Tuz to lead as he always made clear and as was carried out. As some don't know he was a selfless player taking alot of frontline sits and defending them very well. Mel was the calming influence back before the Growth council was disbanded. Anyways just wasn't meant to be NME had solid players and was able to press home and win congrats.

    For a Growth goodbye I'll start with everyone that stayed we never had a shot but thanks for staying with me.

    Daivd - (hyperion) in forums you were the best co I've ever had we just clicked and you kept me from leaving Growth a few times after disagreements with Tuz. Was never the same after you left.

    Tuz - we disagreed alot I warned you about Solo and NME and what course we should have taken but you still did what you thought was best so I can respect you for that and you accepted responsibility for any of your shortcomings.

    Mel - was always a pleasure with your steady presence.

    Worthless - thanks for the backup sitting so I could go to work when rfph1 tried to 1 v 1 me sadly I ran out of troops and the nukes wouldn't stop but without you I'd have either lost my job or lost the villages a whole lot sooner.

    Phippsy - we didn't always see eye to eye but you're a good player one of the best growers I've played with.

    Brk - you're a god at scripts and was always around to help, have to love the aussies.

    Kit - you have to learn TW is a small community getting smaller everyday and people always remember past actions. You're not a bad person to talk to sometimes.

    Andrew and Olt - loyalty means alot to me in this game and your account was early Growth your actions were despicable lower than Kits and Z's in my book.

    To the Loyal players - sorry mates I tried to get Growth to honor our alliance or at least 3 way war for the win but there were already forces at play it just so happens.

    To NME - you guys stuck together so congrats would love a rematch with both tribes at their best.

    Most of all w74 was the last good world I have played. I have tried a few and there just is not enough players anymore so the worlds suck so at least this one will be memorable for me.:cool:
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  7. Olt.

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    Nov 28, 2015
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    Thank you.
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  8. kitmarlowe

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    fond good-byes to the good friends i made. most of all to ed, the nicest guy on the planet and my patient tutor as i tried to learn the intricacies of the game.

    also, to Z. my brother, and my friend.

    to jhon and fery, thanks; you guys never did us wrong, and we worked well with you on many occasions. likewise the alluring TJ, who somehow manages to play only part-time, but still be where he needs to be when he needs to be there. and PP - never did us wrong - <3.

    paul, and raf - stand-up guys. we had our squabbles, but we worked through it all until the end.

    less - i always had your back. always. even to risking being kicked rather than out you. we all play our games, and i am glad you retired on a positive note. but you did me wrong in the end. :(

    to be honest, there are very few in NME i begrudge the win. it was masterfully played, even though i was the one being played. i am not sure if the word "deserved" is the one to use here, but it is, after all, a game. knight fork and the king scoots to safety, while the rook - or the queen - is lost.

    thanks for the fun, and perhaps i will see some of you later, but i think i can never recapture the feeling of w74. for better or worse.


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  9. baggy77

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    Jan 5, 2015
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    Well where do I start, it was an interesting world. As soon as I left gamers with Patrick it was all up against it, Mako sitting me whilst I was busy and teaching me many things. Started out as a complete noob and learnt a lot along the way, some absolutely great players I met along the way and its a shame I won't ever have the time to play like I did on this world so it'll forever be one of my best gaming memories.

    I could go on and on about what Patrick and Dagan have done but we all would just be repeating ourselves.

    Also a special mention to lego and rf <3
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  10. Legionnaire1787

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    Sep 9, 2014
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    Dear all,

    Thank you for playing this epic game with me. I enjoyed both my allies and my enemies.
    I doubt I will be playing again, but I wish all those that are another challenging adventure.
    Peace out,
    Baron of NME
  11. General Mole

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    Sep 30, 2014
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    Late to the party, but at least expected a shoutout from the Lust days, then iAlone, then at the end after the southern restart. :p
  12. Olt.

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    Man, w74 was really a blast. Miss it, miss it oh so much. Lots of things changed over the years, but w74 always in my heart!