Official Map Thread


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maybe 67 will be different since it has some very old players like openeye an the like there they are normally not what you call hugger players they would rather fight to the bitter end then hug their way to the end.


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they will be noobled to death, like everyone else these days. :p

The phoenx way is hard to replicate with so many noobles....

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Thats the thing so many huggers you simply cannot just kill kill kill anymore like you used to completely different. Kinda lame too :/


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Hi all ! :)

Just popped in for a quick look and I made this new map. The world seems more balanced but I guess you will all see 2014 since the number of villages left to conquer is huge.

Players are down to 98 (just mentioned here as a reminder).

And ... Legion is still out there! :lol: Who could have known ?? :lol: BH ---> FAIL :lol:




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the rip saw is turned all the way up to 10,000 RPMs can't eat any faster now everyone needs to duck when the timbers come out of the saw mill.


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Is there a way someone can make a moving map from the beginning of the world to the end, like one map every 2 months or so?