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Hello TribalWars friends! New, Old and Older!

Over the years, I have built up a number of friends within this game who I value immensely. Friends who I would love to come back and play alongside me once more. For those of you that know them - Focalor, Googly & Runesten express the exact same sentiments.

We have recently returned to our latest venture - The DSy4 premade of W70.

After a 3 month hiatus, the 'trio' couldn't stay away any longer from the tribe we brought to W70, and so we returned to our TW home. Since then, the tribe's activity has raised to a higher level than ever before, and we can honestly say we've never been happier playing this game than we are right now.

We have 100% activity as a tribe, and a great selection of personalities fighting alongside us. However we are , as always, realistic.

We know that future recruitment and personal lives will result in us needing others to assist or take over accounts at a time we cannot yet be sure of. We would very much like players who have fought with us in the past to come forward and contact one of us to sign up for when you and a DSy4 account become available.

In particular, we would like members from the following tribes (although others who know one of us are equally welcome):


And of course, former members of Decipher.

Over the years we have refined our style and finesse. If you enjoyed your time in any past tribe led by us, we can promise you equal levels of camaraderie, teamwork and style - if not more!

Forum mail or Skype communication are both options:

Hybrid Soul : hybrid_soul_tw
Googly: thekingofaz
Runesten: runestenthesecond