Old Quiet Player



Long time player Zgamer, never made much noise but read everything, hope everyone is ok, the urge to play has begun stirring again and I am curious if anyone here play's any other worlds or wants to join anyone. Hope you all are well.



we are trying to gather some w3 players for a new world coming up, we're looking for old friends/players.


To any other old W3ers swinging by - get yourself over to W73!


I doubt anyone stops by here anymore but I just wanna say THANK YOU, to everyone on each side of the fights and battles who showed me what real Tribal Wars was, Im only active on W73 (doing okay there now) but I always chuckle when someone complains about a few HUNDRED incomings or being faked. Everyone here taught me what really fighting is and how the biggest lesson I ever learned was never panic nor give up. Its the reason when I was alone on 73 I didn't quit, now im duke of an awesome tribe, and no amount of incoming's can ever compare to the fights stretching all 100 K's and hundreds of players. Im feeling nostalgic and a bit rambly but if you stop by and see this, thank you for making into the player I am today because idk if I would be okay being a new player without a true understanding of what its like to fly by the seat of your pants, strive to be diplomatic and that you can meet some amazing friends on the other side of the wall;

I hope everyone is okay and safe and enjoying their free time
~may you nukes land true~