Guess that strategy is superior to One which is essentially been following Omen moves since, what July?

Let's look at some recent w45 occurrences:

ChoCho goes to Omen essentially because the two Dukes (mitsche and albert moulton) don't want your leadership. You were pressing them into merging with One before they were ready. They decide they like Stalker and Omen's approach. The larger tribe (ChoCho) merges into Omen which catapults us from lonely #3 tribe into w45 leadership.

Then the fun starts....

Omen passes on recruiting Howl! folks - you ally with them. We destroy the tribe and refugees flee to Ash.

Omen passes on recruiting Ash folks - you ally with them. We are in process of attacking tribe. You take them into your tribe.

Omen passes on P-Ctrl merger (and they were selling us hard on that one) - yes - you take them into One!

We create Nemo and then Onoez, clearly mates we want to ally with and bring along, you create Two.

Al-Prince (Omen member who we were watching very closely for internalizing) attacks his own tribe, we kick him, and.... yes he finds a home in One - of course. You then provide him no support and quickly kick him back on the street when you realize we'll be nobling him out. Accomplished in about 30 days I might add.

Omen attacks Nebeski, wait, what do you guys do? Of course, he's a One member now. Cheer him on and, what support is he going to get as we noble him out?

In fact, the entire One strategy since the R4KI gangbang (which you already admitted was Formz' idea) has been reactive to Omen moves. Yet you say we have no strategy? Just doesn't pass the sniff test, mate. Slowly, but surely you have taken players into your tribe who have no future in w45 and yet what support or organization do you give them? I don't doubt you have some good, heck, some great players in what I'll call "old school" One. They are, however, just playing out a losing hand you dealt them imho...
Correct me if im wrong but usually in a war game like this to win you have to get stronger then your enemy.. so why are you making it seem like stopping your enemy from growing by protecting them is a bad thing? Its a perfectly logical strategy

"An enemy of my enemy is a friend of mine"

From the looks of it i would say you don't like fighting on even ground. Your complaining because ONE put together your enemies so you cant just take them out 1 by 1.
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Don't know him well enough to figure out if he's good or bad, but definitely know he has little right to talk smack based upon the current state of One and w45. When your hole strategy is to end a world in a hug, what demonstration of skill and honor is there in that?
Current state of ONE?...What do you know of the current state of ONE? A Quick look at the stats and I'd say Omen has their hands full with ONE.

But I'm sure you know much more than this stupid Noob.


You don't have a strategy, unless you can call merging the crap out of the world, a strategy.
I do have to point out that, after omen merged with chocho, you had a hissy fit and merged with quite a few smaller tribes, then call omen the merger tribe. They currently have less players which shows they havent merged/recruited as much, well thats my opinion anyway.

OMEN and family
60 members

One and family
88 members

Thats 44% more players :icon_rolleyes:


From the looks of it i would say you don't like fighting on even ground. Your complaining because ONE put together your enemies so you cant just take them out 1 by 1.
Not complaining at all Rokas. Merely pointing out the poor logic One is using to call Omen a hugging tribe. For our part, we have made two strategic mergers in recent history (Cats and ChoCho). Both have made Omen a stronger tribe and, in fact, the last merge made us the leading tribe in this w from a relatively minor #3 player just in July. Pretty strong leadership got us there - in fact, most should admit superior to the leadership of any other tribe in this w.

One, on the other hand, has pursued a reactive position since the change of the "End w45 in a hug" strategy. That position has been mostly to hug. So, if the pot calling the kettle works for you in pnp, then listen by all means. No disagreement with Des' position, of course. He likes to lead a tribe and since he was outfoxed by Mitsche and Stalker there's not much for him to do. Tough to be a shot caller when you're not #1:)

I do not disagree with your position on this. Heck, Ash would be gone if you had not played the cards dealt to you the best you could. So, from your point, the strategy is superior. Delaying the inevitable (!), but still probably the best that could be done. As an aside, I honestly must admire how you can keep your folks playing. Perhaps my fault, but I could never play tribal wars effectively every day knowing I was building villages for someone else - you guys are sort of like the baby lamb on a farm - sooner or later someone's smelling chops:)

From One's perspective the strategy is buying them time and preventing us (for now) from thoroughly owning the Western rim which would really seal their fate. Just cut the bs calling us the hugging tribe. Heck, One still can't dispatch of lowly Heat, a tribe they've been attacking for months. On our ledger, Omen has made strong progress against all three of our top objectives for months as I detailed above. Probably more important to you, still predicting the end of most of former Howl! folks by December (you too Nebeski:) and the battle to take k61 will start in December/January on time so we'll see you soon!


as you can see this world is dead already "no spamming mails" btw are you playing here to deathon im from world 21.

Keep It Easy

From the looks of it i would say you don't like fighting on even ground. Your complaining because ONE put together your enemies so you cant just take them out 1 by 1.
One never put them together. They are still as alone as they were before. And yes, we are taking them out 1 by 1. From my perspective, this world is far from dead.


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