Onwards and Upwards


Glad to hear you're alive, even if the majority of us already suspected it.


You wanted to stay away from w2 so why are you don't doing that?



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Whatever the reason, to lie about being dead, there is no excuse for. It is disrespectful towards those who have actually died, whose threads will have doubt shining on them thanks to actions such as yours.

Tyr Hades

Am I the only one dropping in to just say hi to Congo? Hell, I've lost people and heard of rumors of others dying that I wish for things like this to happen. I would love nothing more than to be able to say hello to someone previously suspected dead. I understand how people could feel anger, betrayal, or any other number of emotions, but at the same time, you should rejoice that someone as influential as Congo was to this world is still among the living.


I am glad you are a live, but still that was a stupid selfish thing to do, couldn't you just simply get account banned on purpose? You must have been in a cold place when you did that prank, or at least majorly drunk.

I am sure i speak for a few people when i say i never believed it, so anyway this is not a big shock. Although i have missed your pictures for a while now, they always made me lol.

But i am glad to know you are 100% alive.


I agree with Hooch, owning up to one person is difficult enough but posting here takes courage.


Congo, I can respect the courage it has taken to type that out and then to actually submit it. It's a shame you had to lie in order to leave, that is as much our (your friends) fault as yours as truely, no one would have been happy for you to leave the game. Admittedly it would have been easier than what you put people through in order to leave but still. The fact you live and breath will bring comfort to people.

Forgiving is a difficult thing to do, bearing a grudge is much easier. I'll dot he hard thing Congo. I forgive you.


Congo, i can forgive you in an instant.

it was a weird thing to do, but i dont think it was that bad. i know a lady that did what you did, but instead of the receiving party being a group of internet friends, they were her own children. so next to her, you are a saint.

secondly, there's the issue of "lying", honest to god i dont understand the culture that people have developed with sensitivity to lying.
chalmers: "no, i said you're fired."
skinner: "oh... that's much worse."

that yellow skinned example sums it up entirely. "OMG EVERYONE, CONGO LIED TO US! he's a LIAR" yeah big whoop, stop trying to exploit one of the most retarded facets of human ideals, demonising people for lying, yeah congo lied, but there's a lot worse he could have done, perhaps not through the internet, but i dont see it as being such a crime.

Congo you sound a bit worrying nonetheless, not the fake death thing i dont care about that, but the addiction thing. Your case sounds worse than ive ever heard. you always spoke like a tool, typing about Lord Walleye, Lord Hashpuppy and the Eslingtons like you thought you were Caesar or something, but i always thought it was an act. If it was an act, it worked, it gave you stigma for sure. Everyone always paid you out about it, and you graaaaadually lessened your apparent seriousness, but i see now that you were extraordinarily serious about it, nightmares about tribalwars? worry....

now this brings us to your escape plan. It still confuses me. there are too many loop holes. It would be so easy for you to rejoin under a new name, either here or the new american server, your escape plan didn't officially tie you away from the game. there was a funny thread that thargoran made in the general section about how to quit, it included some hardcore (to my noob eyes) IT stuff about banning tribalwars urls from your isp or something, i mean im no IT guy, but if i wanted to make sure id never come back there are a hundred more innocent ways to do it. make death threads to the morthy... or at least ask him politely to ban you forever and explain your position... disable your internet connection, buy a mac? (macs are horrible for tribalwars) .. whatever im rambling now.

ill wrap up. I don't think there's that much to forgive (others will heatedly disagree), but i always have a knack of showing a soft spot for these sorts of things because im such a disgraceful optomist, i always view these things juxtaposed to something more hideous, such as faking your death to escape your own family (see above). and as for lying, who cares? don't worry about it. and anyone who yells at you in capitals for "lying", just apologise and move on. don't lose any more sleep over tribalwars for gods sake.

PS, i still hate you, congo :) you're a tool

love walleye :)


They were people I loved. Unbreakable friendships. Even my enemies (yes, walleye, even you), were some sort of forbidden lover. I loved them all.
you don't love me, you idealise me, because you want to be me. admit it. :)

Dark Chaos

Things happen, we make mistakes and learn from them. Sometimes it's a broken backbone that can't quite handle the task, but these things heal in time, as do other things.

What you did was clever, but not very smart. I wasn't really convinced it was true, as it was far too convenient; it wasn't death. Nonetheless, it doesn't matter as no one is perfect. You've acknowledged, and that's the healing point. The broken backbone begins to behave as it should, and you can consider this clever and smart.

Perhaps not redeeming for some, but certainly on that road.


IMO, I am far less courageous to come on here then those who elect to forgive my actions.

Dark Chaos

Then it appears we all have a healthy relationship with you, each stuck continually encouraging the other. :icon_razz:


I'm just glad your ok mate, and I forgive you. Nothing more need be said on my part.


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Greetings Congo,

I personally have a bit of an addictive personality, so I can understand where you are coming from. It's one of the reasons why I never go to casinos. Although the manner of your leaving could have been better, it was understandable. I hope you've enjoyed your long rest and are on the road to recovery.