WAR Organised Tribal Abortion

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Dearest OTA,

We write to you to discuss diplomacy and communicate your rimming. As you are aware, HERO currently holds a NAP with both OTA tribes (If there are more than 2, soz - it's hard to keep up). You have forsaken this NAP through your conceited efforts of gathering smaller tribes in the hopes of turning them against us. Furthermore, you have been 'secretly' planning the slowest OP in all of TW history against HERO. You have allied with any and everyone in proximity in the hopes of growing this OTA cancer that plagues K45/K35 and furthermore tried to enforce OTA interests without discussion.

Too long has this Malaka conduct gone unchecked, too long have OTA been given leniency despite their treatment of both their allies and their members. Sometimes all that's needed is a HERO to take a stand.

This is a formal notice - HERO declares war on OTA and all OTA tribes and allies. Prepare to be rimmed by 6 players.

Members of OTA - we at HERO understand you don't get to choose your leadership. Furthermore non of you asked for leaders who would throw you under them to better their interests. Please message OnePunchMan and apply for immunity - note you will need to remove yourself from OTA to be spared.

Kind Regards,
HERO Management


Still Going Strong
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Another war!


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Stats from the past week.

Side 1:
Tribes: Hero
Side 2:
Tribes: -OTA-

Timeframe: Last week

Total conquers:

Side 1:
Side 2: 176
Difference: 185


Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1:
Side 2: 1
Difference: 81


Points value of total conquers:

Side 1:
Side 2: 1,024,759
Difference: 1,335,113


Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1:
Side 2: 5,718
Difference: 662,427


At least -OTA- got 1 back.

Dread Doctors

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We`d like to announce, that Hero/Hate has successfully carried out Organised Tribal Abortion and helped OTA pack their bags and travel with their agency to search for better luck in other worlds.

Mitch already posted his goodbye post in tribal forum admitting that war is lost.

Many might think that this tribe failed due to players betraying it. But we`d like to outline that OTA had NAPed/Allied all tribes around them giving their players no space to grow. This lead to people mailing surrounding tribes, trying to escape this ridiculous diplomacy circle, complaining that leadership is complete shiet holding all information to themselves, ain`t planning OPs and so on..

We can take a closer look into Mitch personal achievements during this world, it will help out to understand that he`s no great leader to follow. (for those who`re willing to follow him in the other worlds)

330k ODA - that`s literally 5-6 full nukes. Some turtle players in the world have better ODA ratio.
15k ODS - MWP in the tribe I`d say.
However we can approve that Mitch is capable of cancel snipe.

Mitch has successfuly brought down loyalty of 46 villages in this world. Of which 19 were internals and 17 were barbs. Lead by example.

That`s enough about Mitch personal performance as a player and a leader. So let`s get back to statistics.

This is a formal notice - HERO declares war on OTA and all OTA tribes and allies. Prepare to be rimmed by 6 players.

Quoting my best lad Cortana, in declaration we said to be prepared rimmed by 6 players, however we decided not to use that much of other players effort. (Juice boys were able to join the fun and replace 2members force of Hate)



Since there was other OTA family tribe, which also got rimmed, this is complete war stats from Hate team, which included only OTA based players:

We hope next time you can put more of a fight. Thanks for allies - you really did well.
Hopefully this post will not spread too much hate. But if it does, please review our quote from tribal profile:
"If you hate someone, or you simply hate their actions, remember that hatred doesn't heal hatred. Only love can do that. We can become better people by refusing to become the things we hate."