"Our solidarity with Ukraine and Palestine"

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"As everyone knows, we feel deep sadness over the Russian-Ukrainian war, and we strongly support the right of Ukrainians to live in peace. We condemn any form of aggression and violence, and we emphasize the importance of peace and the right of peoples to self-determination.
In this topic, we want to take this opportunity to remember a dear issue that is close to the hearts of many of us: the Palestinian cause. Like the Ukrainian people, the Palestinian people also deserve to live in peace, freedom, and self-determination."

"The Palestinian people have been living under Israeli occupation for more than 70 years. During this period, the Palestinian people have been subjected to widespread human rights violations, including land confiscation, arbitrary detention, and killing.
Palestinians suffer from poverty, unemployment, and disease. They are also constantly exposed to the risk of Israeli violence.
The Palestinian cause is a symbol of struggle and hope for the Palestinian people. It expresses their will for freedom and independence. It is also a source of inspiration for the Palestinian people, and for other oppressed peoples."
Call to action:
"We call on all players to condemn all forms of aggression, and to support humanitarian organizations that provide assistance to those in need around the world, including Ukraine and Palestine.
You can support the Palestinian cause by:
  • Raising awareness of the Palestinian cause and spreading it among others.
  • Pressuring governments and companies to stop supporting the Israeli occupation.
  • Participating in solidarity activities with the Palestinian people.
Together, we can help achieve peace and justice for the Palestinian cause."
"We hope that this topic will contribute to raising awareness of the Palestinian cause, and to strengthening solidarity with the Palestinian people. We call on all players to join us in supporting peace and justice for all peoples."