Paintball thread


Msmshrek1 said:
2000ct balls
6 20oz CO2
2 9oz CO@
4 tubes
repair kit..all parts have a back up.
cooler with gatoraide
flak jacket
arm sheilds
gun and hopper (duh)
combat knife ( have run into some nasties out there..snakes stuff like that.
first aid kit...see above
and about 10-20 guys...we know how to do war....

I'll usually bring a few 20oz CO2 tanks
Some compressed air usually
My waist carrier thing with all of my pods on it
A big water bottle
My helmet
A t-shirt
Some shorts
Gun and hopper (duh lol)

And as many people as we can get together.

All the other stuff like first aid and other drinks are right at home, since our woodsball field is right behind our house


2 guns
2 tanks
2 hoppers
PE armpads
Dye Meta Gloves
2 masks (Dye I3 Pros)
Tech kit (o-rings, parts, tools, etc)

Paint I buy at the field, drinks/food at the field. Local rec field gets around 500 people per weekend... so I have plenty of people to play with. Local speedball field gets around 50 people...


dang i forgot my gloves....! i sued biker gloves..the kind with the metal tabs on the knuckles...a bit heavier but great protection.