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Hey everyone,

Our new event "Paladin's Battle Board (Card Game Event)" will run for the first time on the January 15th on Beta! Be sure to tell us what you think in our feedback topic!

Paladin's Battle Board is a card-like event where you will have the opportunity to play your hand the newest card game that has emerged on the streets, capturing the attention of both common folk and the highest nobles!

Each side receives 5 cards in their hand.

The match finishes when there are 9 cards on the field, here the winner will be the one with the majority of their cards in play.

To do this, you can drag and drop or select and click to place a card on a free tile of the board.

Every card has a number on each edge, as well as a type which is displayed in the top right corner of the card.

Placing a higher numbered attacking card next to the edge of a lower numbered defending card, changes the cards ownership to either blue or red.

There are 4 card types in this game. Bow, Horse, Spear and Paladin. When a card is placed next to another card, and the offensive card counters the other card, the number that is on the counter side doubles in value. The types of counters in the following way: Bow counters Spear, Spear counters Horse and Horse counters Bow. The Paladin counters none and has no counters.

You can also see the counters on the left side of the board.

After completing a match, you will receive Tokens, regardless of if you win or lose. However, winning a match grants you more Tokens. Playing matches also lets you fill your progress bar, where you also receive even more rewards.

The more matches you win, the higher you will place in the rankings, granting you additional Tokens.

Play now and strive to become the most formidable card player to have ever graced this realm. Forge a legendary reputation that even the wisest would envy!

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