Permanent Boosters


Hey guys, just wondering, I got a booster that increases all Workshop recruitment speed by 10% permanently, so i someone conquers my village, or i conquer i different village with a booster on it, do the boosters stay or are they reset?


Hi everyone! I've got a couple questions about permanent boosts: if I use "improved mine carts", my village's iron production increases by 10%.

  • Does that apply to the current production as a fixed amount (example: if right now I'm producing 150 per hour, I get 15 more per hour, and that stays the same even if I level my mine up) or does the bonus increases with the increasing of the base amount (I get 10% forever, so that if I use it now that I produce 150, I'll get 20 more when my mine will produce 200)?
  • Does that apply only to the base amount produced by the mine, or even to the bonuses (If my mine produces 100, I've got an 8% flag and a 12% paladin, do I get 10 or 12 more per hour)?
  • How is the bonus rounded? If I produce 147 per hour, do I get 14, 15 or effectively 14.7 more per hour (147 each 10 hours)?