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Honestly like you kit I am not terribly well known, most of those who know me like me because I help a lot. There are a few who hate me and I am very glad they do because it was well earned. Balian rates me on his hate list I would bet but its because on 95 he literally sat on a front stacked to kingdom come mostly by me and refused to participate in ops or send defense to other members on his front because he feared Pi would attack him. It is called tribal wars, you get attacked. That's part of the game. It got to the point to where every op we would have to threaten to pull all of his stacks to get him to help at all and yet he consistently blames others for his short comings. Its hysterical.

Similar to world 88 haha. I say no more.

Michael Corleone.

Yup, you being mad all the time over this game definitely explains your lack of balls.

Middle aged man that cries more than a little girl.


That's half bull crap mate , yes I did have some good stacks , I had the biggest front line with PI about 40 Death Stars and 150 front line villas , but the entire time I was in Paryl not once did Paryl throw me a boney and have a OP on my front , but I was the only one in Paryl with the most conquers against PI , in fact Paryl didn't have any OPS all they did was attack in areas they wanted to attack in which was the main reason they failed and not to mention PI literally didn't have any tribe war against them the entire world .

That's one of the problem with you all you spread rumors that aren't even true trying to ruin others images .

@ Faux , your all no different then I you all act like a bunch of kids to .
@ Colerone , I added to this thread because it has alot to do with what King Geldwolf said , but since you don't read and just react to my name makes you an idiot , just don't bring my family into it and don't be talking about my balls we don't have to get mad at the things we can't have.
@ Kit I'm currently not playing on .net , no tribes wants me because there's always a Colerone , Faux , Connor , Smurf , etc. etc. etc. in those tribes , so I am just sitting on a account with a ton of PP and great flags wandering what I should do and hoping innogames can come up with a way to transfer all to different servers , so I can get away from this miserable server . As far as being a Trump voter , I didn't vote for either , but I do admit I'm glad Trump won because if not our country would fall alot faster then it already is , look at the migrants and the way they are ruining all the uk countries now .
Really? Because I can go back and try to find the skype screenshots of where I literally said the words "Either defend your tribe or lose your stacks" And we did tribal ops, you just refused to participate because you were afraid of being attacked.


So.... this actualy sounds like a thread someone would make that i would hijack but then the other way around :D


I like how Balian keeps coming onto the externals and wrecking everyone. Go Balian!