Player of the World Award


Please let the hate go Kym, go eat some ice cream or something, it should calm you down. Srsly y u so angry. This world ended ages ago Ahahahah, I mean no one even cares about the winners anymore let alone a loser like you?

I hear the new worlds are more noob friendly, maybe join there? Get a win? Seems you're upset the noobs on THC won a world and you didn't

I mean come on, is your miserable old life so bad you just had to log in to the forums, scroll down all the way to the closed worlds, click w70, proceed to this forum and then vomit the crap you did?

Anyway on behalf of all of THC, Connor, and the good majority of Ronin, a massive fuck you :)


Classic here, not the wonderful viking Kym. Absolutely zero anger. I really enjoyed the people and gameplay when I was active.
It was the perfect world to play as my first and I went on to enjoy three top 5 accounts when I was playing. I stumbled on a link to w70 in my favourites and had a peruse to reminisce, not that big a deal. I had a messy end and I apologise to those that it affected, particularly the player I talked into returning to TW, thankfully it wasn't too much of an ordeal and I'm pleased that Ronin secured the victory it deserved. I suppose even accounts like THC deserve their win even if it is just for not deleting during the long timeframe. The 'fuck you' is graciously received, I just wanted to give props to those that actually did the hard yards rather than those who were terrible players or just swanned around cutting deals rather than playing Tribal Wars.


Well, well, well. Look who came out to say hello thinking he could get away with an after the world diss. You will forever be a traitor and a loser Classic. You, Kim, AND Eli. I survived both of your backstabs both aimed at me and you both got what you deserved. But the funniest part of your idiotic claims is that I used 100% of my Offense to attack on all three of my fronts. Wrong. I completely ignored K86/85 areas and left only the local nukes home (hint hint). I can't help it your Infect buddies crumbled under pressure on other fronts maybe you should have sat for them Mr. Badass. Want round 2? Hit up Jason. I'd love to kick your ass twice.