Players Remaining: 995

Anomandaris Irake

Reduction of packets / gold coins to 1/2 of the original price

This setting will be implemented after the player count on a world falls below 1000 players and stays below for at least a week.

Number of players remaining on world 53 has dropped to 995 as of the time this post was made. Obviously the player count is not going to rise back above 1000 since the world has been closed so when can we get 1/2 price coins?
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Anomandaris Irake

Doesn't W53 already have half priced coins ? :lol:
Morthy's own wording states that they halve the original price once the the world population drops below 1000 members. There has been no drop in price of coins since the beginning of w53 so I would have to say no, it doesn't.


Morthy never followed the rules, when this world first came out he said he drop the price every week

[spoil]Dear players,

World 53 will be starting at around 17:00 on the Tuesday the 2nd of November.

The settings can be found to the right of this post.

Morale will be time and points based for the first 90 days, after which it will be permanently turned off.

Gold coins will start at 50% price, and will decrease in price gradually every week for the next 2 years until they cost 24%.

Morale deactivation date: 31st January 2011
Coin price change: Every Tuesday

As usual, the start time is only a rough estimate, so the world may open slightly before or after the stated time.

The settings can be discussed here.

Please note: Players who create multiple accounts in order to get a better starting location are in breach of our rules and so will be banned. You will not be permitted to start the world until after the first week if you are caught doing this.

Tribal Wars team[/spoil]

Anomandaris Irake

That would certainly be nice, at the rate we're going we may be ready for 1/3 price coins in another week though. :icon_razz:

Anomandaris Irake

darkaniken2 can we get any official news about this?


I don't have anything to do with ingame stuff, but I can ask morthy.

However, unless I'm mistaken, periodic checks are done to see which worlds are due for a settings change, and I imagine that W53 will be included in that. When it will be, however, I have no idea. Again, I could ask, but will likely get the same answer you guys would.


Forum mods really do not have much power on this. Any one of you can add Morthy to skype and ask him the same question. Or send him a PM here.

I hear he is attracted to good looking cows. So start off with a nice cow picture to get his attention.