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Hello boys and girls,i have a little doubt about what to do in the game.

here's the situation,i don't know if i should noble 3 villages next to me(15-20min between each other) but with really low points (100-300),but can have their advantages on future,faster support.Or if i should wait a little time and noble a bigger village,but farther away.

Give some ideias,what do you think is better location or points,and why?.Discussion:icon_twisted:


Noble a larger village that is farther away.* You will spend less time building it up and it will increase your farming zone, thus maximizing your resource intake.

Size of the Village:
Personally for me the choice is between 2k and 3k+ villages. Its a trade-off because taking a 2k will normally mean less losses and thus you'll be able to noble quicker. A larger village will be more advantageous for obvious reasons (I hope) but chances are you will have greater losses than could serve to cripple your fledgling nuke (you'll not only have to farm for next noble but also rebuild your nuke).

This is all assuming the 3k player is larger because he is building more troops. It is also assuming both players are turtles where you'll face losses. If the 3k is undefended, don't be a derp, take the 3k. :icon_wink:

Also, nobling 300pt villages is almost* never a path to future success.

Distance between Villages:

Here is more tricky than above where more points, better is often the case. Most players will start offensively which means your next village should be defensive. To effectively use your new defense, it must be close enough to stack you in times of need. If someone sends a train that takes 5 hours and your defense takes 5.1 hours to arrive, you aren't helping yourself too much.

For me, 1st cap should be close and allow for effective supporting. But after that you should be seeking to expand your farming zone with future villages.

*Farther than "right next to me". See Distance^

* Notice here I say almost, there are always exceptions to the rule. Listen to Nauz on the benefits of taking bonus villages at start-up if you're interested.


Spoons are deadly

Always remember to scout target villages first though. :icon_wink:


Ideally you should cluster close enough so that your villages can be mutually supporting of each other but also far enough away that you also have an effective farming area.

And definetly wait a bit to noble as your nobles wont pay off for a long while from nobling 100-300 point villages. I would suggest waiting to noble until the villages are at least 2k+.


Don't noble. Keep upgrading your village and doing on army.


That's what I'm doing!