Preliminary congrats to Deus


I know it's early but I don't pop in to see how things are progressing too often these days - The map looks incredible and I truly never thought it would happen.

Deus have been an instrumental part of this world since the merge of Kings/Garuda and my one regret was never playing alongside them.

Congratulations to everyone still survivng -without doubt the best world I have played in. I'm not sure if this means you are the best players or those just too demented to quit.....

Whatever, you deserve credit for sticking around so long.

I salute you all.




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No worries. You played alongside Deus all along... just on the wrong side. :D
It's been a good game fighting you, flaming you, watching you drill into K43 like a package of explosives and being your tribemate, although I must admit that mostly consisted of nobling your corpse... :)
For the record, we were mostly demented hangers-on...


Still Going Strong
I can't believe you guys pulled it off......

Congratulations, I hope everyone is doing well.