Premade Section Rules: READ BEFORE POSTING!

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The Community Section

This forum section is made solely for posting about and recruiting to premade tribes for any world.
All regular forum rules apply here, as well as a few extra ones that you need to take note of.


Premade threads with inappropriate (suggestive) names will be deleted.

Intense flaming and personal insults whether directed at an individual or a future tribe are not acceptable.

Double posting, one worded posts, and offtopicness are all disallowed. It is also not allowed to bump your thread if it is one of the top five unstickied threads in this forum.

If you make a thread about yourself asking premades to recruit you, or advertising yourself to premades in any way - it will be deleted.
This section would be far too cluttered if everyone created their own thread every time they wanted to join a premade.

'Joke' (aka spam) premade threads are not allowed. This includes premades meant for the casual world, as they are not viable.
Premades that have closed recruitment will have their threads locked.

If you feel that other posters are breaking the rules (for instance spamming) it is not your job to point this out in a thread. Instead, please make use of the report function - which is available to all users.
Posts complaining about 'spam' will be removed.

This is not the forum for complaining about world settings. There is the suggestions forum and the world announcement threads for you to do that in. Posts complaining about world settings will be removed.

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