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Well this forum is pretty dead normally there would be a thread about the Premade tribes and what we could expect from them Etc. So far only w2V have been mentioned.

So what are some other "serious" Premades that could possibly be hiding.

From what i have seen on the Pre-Registered list we have:

Within: (mixture of w71 players together with some old timers. Best lineup in the world expect them to be here till the end if not win the world. Tough K to be in but should beat their opponents)

W2V: (Winners of w56 and w71 Along with Within seem to be favourites to go to the end. Good location. )

Zodiac: (Seems to be a Premade from w75 if not mistaken close to Within and HashT. If I were them I'd try and team up with HashT and get rid of probably the favourite to win the world, Within. )

Bacon: (Winners of W65 and Last HP round. Doing ok so far thought they would be higher in ranks tough location to be in low member count could hurt them in the near future)

#HashT: (Runners up on W65 doing great so far location isn't the best will need to fight Bacon and Within for the K dominance.)

DI: (Number of Oldies from W2, will fight POW at some stage I predict them to win, Need to get on top of the diplo in that K. POW have a number of manipulaters in their tribe.)

NAM: ( basically Music! From W71 hopefully they do better this time around.)

POW: (Bunch of oldies, mixture of talent they aren't the players to go on and win worlds. None the less expect them to clear up K55, should be interesting to see them fight DI.)

Can someone please make a Map of the tribes mentioned and I'll add it here.


Go Music!