Social Disorder

Anyone knows when we are getting our premium points for winning the world?:icon_twisted:

freeman marsh

Prem points owed

What is the process for the pay out for the winning players tribes?


I've merged these two, but I'd ask that people not post redundant topics.
I have no idea when you will get your premium, I have asked Morthy (well, actually, just sort of the admins in general but I wanted to put Morthy's name in here in case he does forum searches for his name :icon_razz:), but he seems to not be around tonight.

Someone told me it took them about a week to get premium on W41 after the world ended. I'd suggest patience :)

Von Hallander

last I heard, W14 hadn´t gotten theirs for beeing in the winning tribe, however, I got mine for personal top 3 rankings.