Prime - k76



Hello there w44,

I'm the founder PRIME. I have been playing the game on and off for 2 years, my first world was w16 and my latest was w24, and now I joined w44 in hopes to create a new tribe which benefits from the experiences of others, yet since its located at the rim will also train any new comers to the game.

I have lead many tribes in the past, the only successful one got to 6 million.

I aim to make this tribe an agressive compitetor as few diplomatic relations as possible to leave targets for our members to attack... this is a war game. We will be running account sit check-ups, providing guides, opening discussions, and practicing in the field to achieve our aims.


1- Activity: and this includes more than just logging in your village, we want to know you and work with you so join the fun in the forums.
2- Know that troops fight and not points.
3- Understand english (to allow easy communication)
4- Accept to be account sat for check-up in a max of 3 days from joining (will soon become mandatory prior to joining). most popular quality check procedure high ranking/"experienced" tribes follow.

If you are interested to join please message me in-game (AKA Jack) and include:
1- Why you want to join
2- Do you have past experience? If yes explain more, if no, then explain what you hope to get from us.
3- What is your game style (offensive/defensive..etc)

Hotaka(got this from w40 guide)