Is it just me or is there a problem... i keep getting an error message when trying to move from screen to screen....
internal error

Database server could not be found. » back


Try updating your DNS. use Googles Public DNS.

These would be and respectively. To Do this, right click on your network Icon in the systray (next to the little clock). Open Network Settings (OnWin7, this is Network and sharing Center).

On the left hand side of the window that pops up, click on Change adapter settings. Right click on 'Local Area Connection' (often an Icon) and click on Properties. Another window will pop up. In the Center of the window, you will see a Squared out area titled 'this connection uses the following items'. Highlight Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) by clicking on it once. Click on the Properties button that lights up. Another window will pop up again.

You will see a field area where you can select settings. The ones you want are at the bottom. You should see 'Obtain DNS server address automatically' isselected by default. change this to 'Use the following DNS server addresses'.

For Preferred DNS server, type in and for Alternate DNS server put in then click OK
You are all done! :)

Hope this short guide is not too confusing and helps you.