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What do ram research levels do? They barely have any attack to increase so I don't see how it works. Is it just efficiency for destroying walls? Is the effect same for catapults?
For scouts I understand it.


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Ram research increased how well they break walls. For instance, 500 Light Cavalry at level 1 with 200 rams at level 1 attacking 2000 level 1 spearmen behind a level 15 wall will reduce the wall to 9 while killing 846 spearmen.

Take that same simulation with level 3 rams instead and the wall drops to level 7 and kills 851 spearmen (since the rams' attack power barely goes up).

To put that in perspective - a follow up attack of 500 light cavalry hitting the remaining 1154 spearmen behind a level 9 wall would kill 977 of them.

For the other scenario, 500 light cavalry hitting 1149 spearmen behind a level 7 wall would kill 1093 of them.

The value of a higher level of rams is most noticed when attacking well defended targets. The more defended, the more necessary the levels.

Next scenario (all troops level 3 except rams):
6k axes, 3k light cav, 250 level 1 rams VS 20k spears, 20k swords with a level 20 wall
Nuke dies and 3651 spears and 3651 swords die. Wall drops to level 18.

Change those rams to level 3 and then 3652 spears and 3652 swords die (no real change) but the wall drops to level 17. If you were to have identical nukes hit each of the previous scenarios the result for the defender would be:
Scenario 1(all rams lvl 1):
Second nuke - 12085 Spears, 12085 Swordmen, level 15 wall
Third nuke - 6,555 spears, 6,555 swordsmen, level 7 wall
Fourth nuke - Less than 30% of the nuke would survive.

Scenario 2(all rams lvl 3):
Second nuke - 11,844 Spears, 11,844 Swordsmen, level 11 wall
Third nuke - 5,612 spears, 5,612 swordsmen, level 0 wall
Fourth nuke - more than 50% of the nuke would survive

Catapults work the same way.
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