Ranking of Disbanded Tribe


Ever wonder what happens to the rankings directly after a tribe disbands. Well they become a ghost tribe :)

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Gonna be tough to find the members in that ghost tribe to noble :)


You've just stumbled across TW's second greatest secret....(second to the ICV)

This has been masked for (in game) centuries (at 1.75 speed).... The Ghost Tribe!
The Ghost tribe is invincible, it cannot be spied upon, it cannot be attacked, cannot lose... It's how the TW staff made sure they couldn't be beaten, by initiating the 'Ghost Maneuver'. It's said that the Nazi's invested hundreds of premium points into research of the Ghost Tribe, however Hitler was nobled before they completed such research....

It's said that anyone who discovers it's secret, instantly has their activity status turn red... and all incoming mail to them is blocked...
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