rate the avatar and siggy


7/10 avy
0/10 for sig as I have to open it...EFFORT?!?!

I opened it....it's so beautiful....I....I can't find....words to.....


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Undead Lelouch

3/10 not sure if i can tell what that is
7/10 good but can be much better (cleared and new text)


8/10 I likes it. :)
8/10 again. Nice theme it follows on through avvy and sig also I generally just like it. :)

Undead Billy Mays

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7/10 - I think your avy is well defined and very Charming

5/10 - Way too much going on here and the Charmander is very out of focus and way to busy. It was the best of times ... It was the worst of times - Charles Dickens

Your sig is the latter

Try using this Charismatic couple as your stock

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9/10 Avi; very eerie but Characterful, i approve
10/10 Sig; very Charted with the Avi and Charmful

Who ever made it for you was very Charitable


need a / 10
wet wipe / 10

There, you got rated and judged muchly

Undead Brittany A Murphy

lets keep this flowChart, going shall we? so we dont get disCharged from this thread...

Avi ehh 5/10 its nonCharsmatic, need more outCharging

Sig 8/10 I think its super Charged with misCharacterizations of Christopher.

i already know mine outCharges all of yours, i am awesome like that.