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Still Going Strong
I'm gonna rate this noob as a noob. Horrible at everything but spamming
Can you teach meh how to play this difficult game? I don't know what to do to get Rank 1 against the best players ahead of me :icon_razz: Now it's time to remain on-topic :icon_biggrin:

Points: 9/10 - Rank 16, very good.
OD: 10/10 - Because of getting pwn'd by Rogue :icon_redface:
Position: 10/10 - So many frontlines, you might need to avoid the Western parts of K23 :icon_wink:
Reputation: 10/10 - Very good player when organised properly (as they are now), when there was an incompetent players on the iRex account, Hunter who is a bad player who defo turned it around by praying on a daily basis.
Tribe: 10/10 - We can win it all and have a fantastic chance of doing so.

In-game name: The Macarena Party


Still Going Strong
Redroad is playing the Redroad account, hope that clears things up :icon_biggrin:
:p Thanks for the clarification.

6 posts since 2008, that's incredible

thats less than 1 post a year :D
I know of a player who made an external forum account and didn't use it until 7 years and 9 months later when the world they were playing, ended.

Somebody needs to rate: Lord Lord Calvin.

Player not found.

Still Going Strong
stop Spamming PnF...
Points: 10/10 - Rank 8, awesome job.
OD: 9/10 - Not Top 10 OD yet.
Position: 10/10 - Has that awesome cluster in K42.
Reputation: 10/10 - An awesome leader and beast, wouldn't want to get on your hitting run because of you know the reason
Tribe: 10/10 - Name says it all xD


Yall skipped me :icon_neutral:

Points: 6/10 - Not Top 100 yet but I can guarantee you will probably win the world and also be in the Top 25. (unless you got the skill to get further)
OD: 6/10 - I know I should be the one who should be talking but truthfully the pair of our OD's is awful.
Position: 8/10 - Loads of room to expand, just grab them quickly and you could get a higher potential ranking when the world ends.
Reputation: 4/10 - The public don't really know you because you are a very behind-the-scenes type of player, but I will give them some insight by saying you are a nice guy and really good to chat to :)
Tribe: 5/10 - I heard they are CRASH!'s underlings, get yourself promoted mate


hey nobody rated me yet!

I already did and you aren't applicable among the public