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Reputation: ?/10 - I'm not sure. Is gotnoname/PlayerNotFound playing on The Macarena Party while Redroad is playing the PlayerNot Found account?

Redroad never played an account, there has always been one Pnf and will always be the same guy.

Player not found.

I'm gonna rate this noob as a noob. Horrible at everything but spamming

Can you teach meh how to play this difficult game? I don't know what to do to get Rank 1 against the best players ahead of me :icon_razz: Now it's time to remain on-topic :icon_biggrin:

Points: 9/10 - Rank 16, very good.
OD: 10/10 - Because of getting pwn'd by Rogue :icon_redface:
Position: 10/10 - So many frontlines, you might need to avoid the Western parts of K23 :icon_wink:
Reputation: 10/10 - Very good player when organised properly (as they are now), when there was an incompetent players on the iRex account, Hunter who is a bad player who defo turned it around by praying on a daily basis.
Tribe: 10/10 - We can win it all and have a fantastic chance of doing so.

In-game name: The Macarena Party


Still Going Strong
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Redroad is playing the Redroad account, hope that clears things up :icon_biggrin:

:p Thanks for the clarification.

6 posts since 2008, that's incredible

thats less than 1 post a year :D

I know of a player who made an external forum account and didn't use it until 7 years and 9 months later when the world they were playing, ended.

Somebody needs to rate: Lord Lord Calvin.

Player not found.

stop Spamming PnF...

Points: 10/10 - Rank 8, awesome job.
OD: 9/10 - Not Top 10 OD yet.
Position: 10/10 - Has that awesome cluster in K42.
Reputation: 10/10 - An awesome leader and beast, wouldn't want to get on your hitting run because of you know the reason
Tribe: 10/10 - Name says it all xD


Yall skipped me :icon_neutral:

Points: 6/10 - Not Top 100 yet but I can guarantee you will probably win the world and also be in the Top 25. (unless you got the skill to get further)
OD: 6/10 - I know I should be the one who should be talking but truthfully the pair of our OD's is awful.
Position: 8/10 - Loads of room to expand, just grab them quickly and you could get a higher potential ranking when the world ends.
Reputation: 4/10 - The public don't really know you because you are a very behind-the-scenes type of player, but I will give them some insight by saying you are a nice guy and really good to chat to :)
Tribe: 5/10 - I heard they are CRASH!'s underlings, get yourself promoted mate


hey nobody rated me yet!

I already did and you aren't applicable among the public

Player not found.

​Now where's my rating? I hope you aren't avoiding me now :lol:


Someone rate Player not found. or greenghost what he is called these days.