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Location yes/10
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Profile yes/10
Tribe yes
Villages yes/10


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Salvador Dali

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Cold food chef:

Location 5/10, tight cluster meaning only a few churches but also no room for expansion. 2 small villages near fire which will need some time to build so a 5/10 from me.
Farming 2/10, very low amount of resources plundered daily. Also a very very low amount of villages plundered.
Profile 6/10, looks a bit boring. I do think you have a passion for animals which I can appreciate.
Tribe 7/10, Order looks like a relatively good tribe on this world with decent leadership. Location is not bad but they would need to expand near fire to have a better front (in my opinion).
Villages 6/10, many low point villages. An average of around 7k for each village means a lot of resources still need to be spent on buildings. This will slow your growth and drop you in rank.

Overall a 5.2/10. Good luck getting it up, if you put in the effort on the points I made I think you can get a higher rating.


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Salvador Dali:

Location: 6/10 -
Your spread is a little thin for my liking, clustered in a few different places but have room to grow on some players around a few of them - shame about the dodgy morale though. At a glance it looks like you have the odd singular village or a mini cluster here and there. I'm sure you have your own reasons for that. Like that you're sporting a bit of a backline cluster too, down in K55. All around your positioning looks relatively safe.
Farming: 5/10 - 2.5mil is okay, I'd probably expect a little more based solely on account size. Haven't really paid attention to the amount of barbs/farms around you so that and the amount of players farming could cause issues? Last record was over a month ago but looks like you're substituting that with scavenging.
Profile: 7/10 - Fairly basic profile. Don't really mind that at all. Demonstrates your achievements and your ability to found winning tribes, eh? I'm sure I'd enjoy the stories behind some of the village names.
Tribe: 10/10 - Rank 1 tribe by a long shot. Well clustered. A good roster who have proven themselves time and time again. Recent successful op on HK demonstrates your collective abilities very well.
Villages: 9/10 - A solid 8.8k average with the vast majority coming from players. Looks like you got a nice rounded 10k as a final build, kinda pleasing on the eye.

Overall: 7.2/10 - Really solid account. Solid tribe, etc. The only thing I'm not here for is the scattered clusters. I'd wanna fatten them up a little but each to their own!


Dr. McNasty

Location - 5/10 : Safe zone for the most part and many villages clustered so easily religious. But very little effort to go to a front (3 villages not even too close). 70hr noble trains for the rest -This will slow your growth.
Farming - 3/10 : 1.3m rss plundered in a day is your best. Nothing to be impressed really.
Profile - 5/10 : Like the quote. A little too short and sweet in my opinion, but I welcome your third objective.
Tribe - 10/10 : Like it or not, Toxic is double the size of the second best tribe. Nothing to argue about here.
Villages - 5/10 : You don't have many villages, but the ones you have seem to be legit conquers, a part from a couple gifted villages in Toxic & a couple barbs.

Salvador Dali

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Pure Jonat

Location - 7/10 : Mostly safezone but slowly growing south. Still has some space to grow but should start another cluster with better growth opportunity.
Farming - 8/10 : 6.2 mil res plundered with a recent high score indicates activity and decent farming stats
Profile - 8/10 : Funny profile picture with some fun jokes about PP spending and a shoutout to all the players on the account. Funny but could have a little bit more on it.
Tribe - 6/10 : Decent tribe with OK positioning but lost an important member to Appa. They control very little territory for their amount of points and are less proactive than Order, Omen or Toxic. We will yet have to see how they will perform.
Villages - 6/10 : Many player villages with high points, but also a large part comes from a merge.

Overall I am curious about what this account can do, I will keep an eye on him.


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