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Discussion in 'World 61' started by angelgod1, Feb 2, 2012.

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  1. angelgod1

    angelgod1 Guest

    Didn't see one so I figured, why not make one, rate player above and lets get some fun going :)

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  2. The Artlst

    The Artlst Guest

    Points: 5/10 not to bad but start 5/6 days before me and your 600 points behind
    Tribe: 6.5/10 looks decent, no mass recruit it seems
    Position: 2/10 poor your in Noodle territory and outgrown big and a lot
    OD: -/10 can't say anything about it now

    IGN: The Artlst
  3. 2Hot

    2Hot Guest

    i didnt find the artist, but i found the chosen artist....

    if thats you then

    points: 0 too low.

    tribe: 0 since you have none

    position: 5... idc about that position.

    OD: 5 no comment.
  4. The Artlst

    The Artlst Guest

    the artLst
    with an L ;)
  5. themaccabees

    themaccabees Guest

    The Artlst

    Points: 8/10 not bad
    Tribe: 2/10 I dislike chocolates. Kidding :D
    Position: 8/10 you seem to be outrowing your 7x7
    OD: 7/10 NotBad.

    IGN : themaccabees
  6. Artlst

    Points: 7/10 okay started later.
    Tribe: 5/10 He scares me.
    Position: 9/10 Pretty good outgrowing neighbours.
    OD: 5/10 can't say much but at the moment less is better.

    Wai U Shao Ting
  7. The Artlst

    The Artlst Guest


    Points: 7/10 could be better
    Tribe: 8/10 love them
    Position: 9/10 if you can conquer your 3k neighbor you will. if not 3/10 :p
    OD: 5/10 lower is better but won't judge yet

    Wai U Shao Ting

    Points: 9/10 nice top 20 too good growth
    Tribe: 9/10 Noodle says it all
    Position: 9/10 1 threat nearby. if you can noble him you win. if not 3/10 :p same as maccabees
    OD: 5/10 lower is better but won't judge yet

    The Artlst (with an "L")
  8. Bigevan2

    Bigevan2 Guest

    Im drunkk type out your name plzz :p
  9. 2Hot

    2Hot Guest

    points: 7/10 fair.

    tribe: 10/10 well played...

    position 4/10 dangerous ;-)

    OD: 10/10 thank us <3 lol
  10. Bigevan2

    Bigevan2 Guest


    Points: 7/10
    Tribe: 10 nice war eh :p
    Position: 7/10
    OD: 7.5/10

  11. The Artlst

    The Artlst Guest

    don't skip me:icon_cry:
  12. perkill

    perkill Guest


    Points: 7/10
    Tribe: 4/10
    Position: 7/10
    OD: 5/10
  13. Bigevan2

    Points: 9/10 You are doing good and activly growing
    Tribe: 6/10 -REM- Small nice team...but dont know you...
    Position: 6/10
    OD: 7/10 it seems you did not have a lot of action so you are keeping your troops for a later stage ;p

    Ingame Name: Cleverness is not Wisdom

  14. Hard.

    Hard. Guest

    Cleverness is not Wisdom:

    Points: 7.5/10 - Taking into account how close you are to the core; I'd expect a bit more. But you're outgrowing your area.
    Tribe: 9/10 - Nice members, average and a very nice spread. Expect good things.
    Location: 7/10 - Out growing your area but a fair few decent sized players around you.
    OD: 9/10 - Shows you have some useful troops but not aimlessly throwing them around, cool!
    Forum Rep:(always do this for some reason) 7/10 - Never seen idiotic posts from you but not seen much either.

    IGN: Hard.
  15. silverflake

    silverflake Non-stop Poster

    Apr 11, 2011
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    Points: 5/10
    Tribe: 6/10
    Position: 7/10
    OD: 2/10
  16. Olie593

    Olie593 Guest


    Points: 8
    Tribe: 8
    Position: 5
    OD: 2 Cant really comment atm though..

    IGN: omen.pharaoh
  17. angelgod1

    angelgod1 Guest


    Points: 9/10 your in the top 5, questionable noble target however.
    Tribe: 10/10 low member count, but doing wonders.
    Position: 5/10 some decent noble targets, but you are surrounded by your tribe.
    OD: 2/10 all ODA.
  18. angelgod1

    Points: 6/10 low for this stage of game...
    Tribe: 6/10 i remember a tribe called New in a prevew world but i am not sure in which one!
    Position: 5/10 You got lots of competition
    OD: 3/10

    Ingame Name: Cleverness is not Wisdom

  19. Olie593

    Olie593 Guest

    Cleverness is not Wisdom

    Points: 7
    Tribe: 7-8 looking pretty promising.
    Position: Mild competition but decent noble targets if they grow. So about a 7
    OD: 5 Cant comment really.

    IGN: omen.pharaoh
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  20. angelgod1

    angelgod1 Guest

    Cleverness is not Wisdom

    Points: 7/10 in top 1000 your doing good for your self.
    Tribe: 9/10 low member count good ranking keep it up
    Position: 3/10 seems you got a good amount of activity there
    OD: 7/10 its low so it must be a good thing.

    And New was on world 33 and world 58