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Counting Stars

Points: 10/10 rank 1 y not.
Poistion: 10/10 on the less consolidated k. also on the outer part of the core.
Tribe: 9/10
OD: 7/10 just good
Rep: nothing to say :p
COA: 18/10 i mean, the text is very good. :icon_wink:

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Points: 10/10 - top 20
Position: 9/10 - Surrounded by food unless you have diplomacy with all those tiny tribes
Tribe: 10/10 - :)
OD: 4/10 - Same as your points
Rep: 7/10 - Seen you here and there with sometimes decent comments
COA: 8/10 - :)

My Life for Tribalwars


Contributing Poster
Reaction score
Points: 8/10
Pos: 7/10
Tribe: 8.5/10
OD: 8/10
Rep: 4/10 just because you're not a good investment :icon_wink:

Ign: darkx


Points: 5
Pos: 6
Tribe: 8
ODA: 4- lowww :(
Rep: No idea sorry



Points: 8/10 fast expansion
Pos: 9/10 very good - lots of food and easy targets
Tribe: 10/10 - its Rank 1 tribe
ODA: 9/10 - top 20 ODA player
Rep: He's a nub lol :p (not really)
COA: 7/10 - I like it. And he is happy when everyone else is mad brah
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Points:8/10 Good expansion but large reduction in the growth during a small period of time.

ODA:8/10 But still good ODA for your size

ODD:10/10 People attack you?

Positioning:7/10 Starting to get stuck between your tribe.

Reputation: Decent player for all I know, nothing against him or to vouch for. Maybe later on in the world I'll have more to say.

Tribe:10/10 Kind of hard to ignore that


White Death

Points: 10/10 You've held the top position for some time. Your growth is unmatched.

ODA: 10/10 Number 1 ODA. not bad. :p

ODD: 9/10 Looks like you've actually had to fend off quite a few attacks to keep those villages, but I don't think anyone has orchestrated a proper OP on you. We'll see how you hold up when that happens.. hehe

Positioning: 8/10 I took the liberties of making a map portraying your position in relation to your tribe. http://www.twstats.com/en71/index.p...&centrey=449&fill=000000&grid=1&kn=1&dullbg=1
You are becoming a bit land-locked by your tribe, but you can head straight up the middle and there seems to be no shortage of targets.

Reputation: From what I've seen so far you know your shit and seem to be a cool guy. Can't really give you a rating here just yet though. ;)

Tribe: 10/10 Top tribe in the world by far with less than 40 members. (Of course I'm biased, but the statistics don't lie).


Sadistic Psycho

Points: 9.5/10 Number 12 in the world and has grown fast and consistantly

ODA: 10/10 Rank 9 in ODA meaning he worked for his villages

ODD: 5/10 Haven't really been attacked much as you have been crushing the people around you.

Positioning: 10/10 Plenty of room to expand and on the outer barrier of the tribe allowing you to have their support while not having your movements restricted.

Reputation: You seem like a nice guy that is willing to do what is needed to win. It appears you know your stuff but only time will tell for sure.

Tribe: 10/10 #1 and currently dominating K45



Points: 9/10 ,Top 20 with a constant growth

ODA: 9/10 , You have stayed in the top 40 for a while with your ODA; a real crusher

ODD: 6/10 , very few ODD, you have yet to be the target of any kind of organised attacks from a tribe or group of people

Positionning: 9/10, Close to your tribe but you still have a nice amount of villages to grow well, as well as a wide open access to the South. Though things are supposed to get tougher by going south.

Reputation: Very active guy who takes the opportunities when he can. Do not be misguided by his noob attitude, its a trick .

Tribe: 10/10 , Do i currently need to explain?