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Rank: 7/10: top 100, clearly off base for the top players, but i guess it really depends on whether you used pp or not, if not its solid
tribe: 2/10: a very small tribe, yourself making up about a third of the points, not really going to be of much help in the long run
location: 3-4/10: you are sandwedged between both escape on your right and tri-force on your left, should you join either of these groups this would of course change, but as it stands you are going to run out of villages to capture in your area fast.
Reputation: 1/10: never heard of you, and from your twstats it doesnt look like you have played much of the game, but maybe you have under a different account or something.
profile: 1/10: next to nothing there, so next to nothing to rate i guess
huggability: 9/10: and maybe a little more if you play your cards right
ODA/ODD/ODS: 5/10, nothing exemplary here, decent ODA, ODD not too high, which is good,ODS is low, but that might just mean your tribe isnt coming under fire yet.

rate: divinewind101

Shinko to Kuma

Still Going Strong
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Rank: 4/10: joined during pre-registration, only 13k points, only recently got hit so that isn't the cause of slow growth.
Activity: 2/10: The super low farming of 43k a day (highest to this date) shows that the activity is low.
Tribe: 3/10: sister tribe of WD, both tribes combined have maybe 6-7 players that are somewhat decent. Honestly half of their tribe should be noble food.
Location: 5/10, surrounded by a lot of tribemates, but very close to OBEY. Will most likely end up ending up as frontline with OBEY as they expand
Reputration: 3/10: From your TWStats I can't see any notable worlds, besides maybe W78 where you reached almost 500k points. Not the greatest achievement.
Profile: 2/10, rather boring profile
Hugability: 1/10
ODA/ODD/ODS: rank 13 ODS, means you either got a lot of help from tribemates against an incoming or a defensive minded turtle, which would also explain the low farming record.
For the rest, pretty average at most.

rate: Shinko to kuma


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RANK: 7/10 top 30
ACTIVITY: 7/10 605k looted most looted in a day, decent but I'd say you could do better with your area.
TRIBE: 8/10 Vape: Looks like a solid group and hopefully will be around at end game. I loved the tribe profile. Will be interesting to see how you're going to play it out with all the drama between triforce.
LOCATION: 5/10 Obey coming from east
REPUTATION (may include past worlds): No clue, I've never seen you before.
PROFILE: 2/10 Almost empty, only states PA's
HUGGABILITY: 4/10 (Wild card rating!)
ODA/ODD/ODS: 3/10 Looks like you've mostly got easy caps, 33k oda and only 1k as supporter

rate: Love Apocalypse


Rank: 6/10 Top 50 player but should be much bigger due to very safe area and having the OBEY name protecting them.
Activity: 7/10 nearly 800k looted but again should be higher due to location and size.
Tribe: 9/10 Despite the controversy with pp, OBEY has very good players, leadership and positioning. Only downside is the lack of a real threat. Will be interesting to see how they manage tribe ops and wars.
Location: 7/10 No real threats nearby and close to tribe mates. Lots of room to expand!
Reputation: N/A never heard of you before!
Profile: 4/10 bit too emo for me :D
Huggability: 2/10 Penis too large
ODA/ODD/ODS: ODD/ODS low due to having no real threats near. ODA decent for points.

Rate: Guerrilla Tactics


RANK: 7/10 I think its a good rank looking at the location, Vape around it but OBEY coming close taking step by step.
ACTIVITY: 9/10 Activity seems to be good, looking at the farm record, P5 with 1,6 mil farm ain't bad. Also looking at the growth, 20k in 3 days, well done.
TRIBE: 7/10 To be honest I dont actually know what to expect from Vape. I think we shall see what happens if they collide with OBEY.
LOCATION: 8/10 For now its an open field within the tribemates. Enough space to expand even more.
REPUTATION (may include past worlds): 4/10 Could be me, but I didn't hear from the account before.
PROFILE: 9/10 Damn I like that monkey pic. Only thing wrong is the fact your telling people to throw trash at Venomrulez. Nukes are allowed as wel ;)
HUGGABILITY: 10/10 Furry as fck
ODA/ODD/ODS: 7/10 ODA is quite good. ODD/ODS low, because of the lack of threats nearby.

Score total: 61/80

RATE: Sweedness.


RANK: 7/10 I think its a good rank being close to top 100 looking that you are in a tribe with only 3 members in total but given that you have a lot of room to expand
ACTIVITY: 9/10 You are an active account and you also beat your farming score yesterday which shows improvement/hard working and that you are focusing to grow faster than the others in your area so you can overtake them(something you did already in my opinion)
TRIBE: 5/10 I rate the tribe with 5 at the moment because you only are 3 members.we will see in near future your tribes plans on recruitment
LOCATION: 9/10 Even that you are 3 members in a tribe its seems that you are the big dog in that area so much room to expand and farm without any big threads for the moment
REPUTATION (may include past worlds): 5/10 I didn't hear the account name before.
PROFILE: 6/10 Smoking is bad for health :) Nothing much in profile but its same way as mine so i cant complain ;)
ODA/ODD/ODS: 7/10 ODA is good but given your position i would not expect less :)

Score total: 48/70

RE-RATE: Sasuke Uchichaa.


RE-RATE: Sasuke Uchichaa

RANK: 10/10 Cant really get any better then rank 1
ACTIVITY: 8/10 Active for most of the time, but have been looking for a co a long time. Now thats in place and i am sure it will be a 10 when he comes in for full
TRIBE: 11/10 In a tribe many have been talking about, and is rank 1 as it stands now.
LOCATION: 8/10 Location is good, but it starts to get a bit small with space and will be fun to watch how the account
REPUTATION (may include past worlds): 6/10 I know Sasuke have played other worlds and done well, but i havent played those worlds. So cant say to much.
PROFILE: 6/10 - A man who knows what he wants, but again its a bit boring.
HUGGABILITY: 4/10 - He started to farm in our area. Huuuge minus
ODA/ODD/ODS: 8/10 Doing well in ODA but the others is unknown for sasu so far.

Score total: 61/80

RATE: - Red Cup


RANK: 10/10 Top 10 always is the best
TRIBE: 10/10 maybe deserves more than 10
REPUTATION (may include past worlds): 7/10
HUGGABILITY: X/10 (Wild card rating!)
ODA/ODD/ODS: 10/10 That oda deserves 10

Rate : ReD KhaN



Rank: 8/10
Activity: ?
Tribe: 10/10
Location: 8/10
Reputation: ?
Profile: 11/10 love tigers
Huggability: 2/10, wouldn't hug tigers
ODA/ODD/ODS: 5/10, seems to either play it smart and not lose too many troops during attacks, or seems to be getting villages occasionally for free.



rank: 4784/7963 - just starting out it seems
activity: x/10 as i have nothing to go off of
tribe: 1/10 absolute shit, but at least better than OBEY.
Location: 9/10 save and sound on the rim, what else is there to be said :)
Reputation: x/10 never heard of him before
Profile: 0/10 mate you haven't done anything with it..
Huggability: 0/10 i dont hug strangers
ODA/ODD/ODS 0.1/10 - well you got 20OD, better than nothing! :)

Rate: Lord Micki420


Lord Micki420

Rank: 8/10 judging by your OD, loss of villages and location I would have to give this a 9/10. You've clearly been fighting for well over a week and still manage to be in the top 200
Activity: 9/10 based on your highest rank, your oldest farming score and the fact you have been losing a village at the rate of 1 per day, I would assume your account is pretty darn active
Tribe: 0/10 wot tribe!?
Location: 2/10 In the middle of WET, Escape and VAPE while tribeless, looks fun o_O
Reputation: 6/10 have seen this account around, generally does well early but doesn't stick around (or last long)
Profile: 5/10 nothing special there
Huggability: 0/10 since you don't hug strangers :(
ODA/ODD/ODS: 10/10, ranked #1 overall, in the top 20 of all 3.

Rate: Sniper On Demand