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Did not find this thread for this world, only something similar months ago, so lets get down to business. Rate the player above you!

Player: Name
Location - /10
farming - /10
Scavenging /10
Profile - /10
Tribe - /10
Reputation - /10
OD stats - /10

RATE: Dream*


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Guess you felt nostalgic after yesterdays dive in .se forums lol

Player: Dream*
Location - 3/10 In the middle of IKEA, atleast got some FL but not much to grow on
farming - 4/10
Rank 20 on resources plundered in a day. Rank 149 on villages plundered with a low number of 625. Decent not amazing, atleast got 100 mill res looted
Scavenging 7/10
Guess being in war 24/7 doesnt make good scav numbers. 25,7mil and rank 17 on gathered list makes it a solid 7
Profile - 10/10
This is one of the best profiles I've seen in TW. The humour and the picture mixes great. Only works for swedes sadly but who cares
Tribe - 8/10
Not the best diplo games at all times but is holding strong when looking at how much front they have. Rank 1 in ODS and has been high on ODA and ODD since i joined this server.
Reputation - 7/10
Have heard more about certain players than the tribe but IKEA has been a powerhouse since it joined the server. A lot of the players have a really good history
OD stats - 9/10
High ODA, pretty good ODD for his position and almost top 10 on ODS. Your troops has taking a beating!

Rate: Dora the Explorer