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3/10 Those are everywhere, and since it's a new world, I honestly can't rate the stats.

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1/10 ugly
lmao... harsh reply coming from someone with a rather mundane and over used siggy..... I'll be nice and give you a 1 for effort...

as for Arcanine's

i'm not much into spoilers but i like yours... too bad you can't adjust it to fit the 80 height limits... regardless, 9/10 great color blend.
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i'll give it a 5/10 because it is just a meme. You should probably put that in a spoiler though.

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Note: yes, basic, because I didn't think I needed a very complicated manipulation or something like that :D
Not 10/10 because of the black board, but that's personal taste.. But it's awesome though :)


9.5/10 Love it, still yet to find the perfect signature though, not mine xD

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8/10 - I <3 Spongebob
I agree, the sponge rulez!!!

Jopano, 7/10,
don't care for the beveled edge (doesn't actually give the siggy any depth)
also, the font is boring, add some depth to it.. make "Japona" stand out more..

The good,
Nice blend in color, though you can easily change the texture color to a gradient and then polarize it with either wind or water. Would make the background really stand out.

The work on the beaver (or is it a bear) looks very good.. give that a 10/10

Depth to the text, with Jopano standing out
Change the texture to a waterish color and polarize it.
might then have the best "new" siggy around. :)

edit: also, erase about 1/2 an inch on the left side of siggy allowing the text to begin off the background edge :) Just my opinion, it looks good as it is but... thinking it would look better as suggested.
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