Rate the signature/avatar above you topic


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7/10, the morion blur at the bottom is odd... Vector work should be more prominant.

I have a sig rotor btw so CnP the image location that pops up might help.


Because Nightblade doesn't want his to be rated (Sarcasm)

What cant you understand in "Rate the signature/avatar above you topic" sentence?

avatar - 0/10
Sig - 9/10 really nice


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I did not read it properly to be honest,

one question:

Why are you so down on everyone mate? seriously, Is there any need for it?

Avatar 1 / 10
sig 0 / 10


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Ava: 0/10 (not there...)
Sig: 7/10 Its blurred a bit randomly and i'm not really liking all the effects.


Nah Riv.. :D I just don't like you.

Ava: 5/10
Sig: 9/10 for some reason i really like it :p
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12/10 i always wondered what the little murmaides mom looked like
3/10 i like the symbolization in the decal but you need to work on the shadows..