Rate the Tribe Above


Similar to "Rate the player" but on a tribe wide spectrum. Same criteria, minus the ODS and tribe category, but replaced with rank from Alex's map here on the forum. With family tribes should rate the family tribe as a whole, for example 404 Family would be rated as 404 family, not 404 and 403 separately. Just post your tribe/ tribe family at the end of your post.

I'll Start
Tribe: Valar

Points: 7/10
Most of the tribes in the top 10 are family tribes, so its impressive that with only one tribe to recruit from and into you have reached almost 5.5 million points. Shows smart and selective recruitment within your area. Some of your ex-love recruits have also helped that.

ODA: 7/10
13 million ODA, shows that you guys have fought to clear your area.

ODD: 3/10
The lowest ODD out of the top ten tribes, sitting at rank 27 with 2.7 million ODD. Not a bad thing, just shows the players you fought didn't really fight back all that much.

Position: 9/10
I personally love that position hovering over the entire northern half of the rim. Have direct contact with UV, AM, and Nutz. It gives you a lot of option on where to go and what to do, and a tribe with options is a dangerous tribe indeed.

Reputation: 5/10
I haven't really heard much about your tribe, other than the whole #LigerAlliance thing all over the forums. But that is probably a good thing considering most of the tribes with a large rep also draw large targets on their backs.

Rank: 7

My tribe: Wipe Family


Tribe: Wipe Family

Points: 6/10
Systematic recruitment has seen you secure your K, mostly, from tribes that in the past could have been a serious issue for you (1984, =CC=, etc.) Lots of member dropping and rearranging, massive recruitment drives into multiple branching tribes and again, systematic dropping and secondary recruitment. There are lots of pros and cons to this attitude toward growth, and you have made a good run for the rim as well. Time will tell how that plays out.

ODA: 5/10

Recently gone up but as a whole pretty average. You look like you have a core group of solid players fighting while the rest of the tribe continues to 'show promise'. This could go either way but it doesn't look like you can pack a sustainable punch. Will be interesting. Your smash on Warpig was good but the fighting was swift and less intensive than everybody was expecting.

ODD: 9/10

This is where things look pretty good. Multiple players with significant ODDs and I see a reasonable ODS as well. Some DotD badges too. Again, it looks like your combined tribes have a lot of dead weight but your active players have either mostly defensive villages or are good at moving troops around. This could be the impact on ODA.

Position: 8/10

You have a fantastic location with growth options in all directions, but you're gonna be fighting an uphill battle. AM to the north, 404 to your east, and the easier looking bulk of UV to the west. Good opportunity southward with no singularly dominant tribe but you have to content with 404 for that territory.

Reputation: 5/10

Rep is hard to judge because you have a couple good representatives on the forums. Wicked attitude. We had a good gander about your family and warpig family. What happened? Nobody has the full story.

Rank: 6

I'm tribeless, but I nominate NUTZ.



Points: 9/10

Good avrage point per member, well enough to hold top 3 at the moment. A pretty steady growth. Not too much recruitment and some solid grabs of Love/Fellas villages. Also few percent fewer internals compared to other top tribes.

ODA: 8/10
Third place ODA, looks to have increased at a good pace recently.

ODD: 5/10
Rank 6 ODD, been moving in spikes past weeks and now steadily increasing. Seems like coordinated defence is pretty strong. However rank could be higher.

Position: 4/10
Middle of everything, squeezed between many tribes. However diplomatic relations made you hold seperate frontlines very clear. Core is never a good spot to be at but expansion northwards has been successful and a war regarding K45/K46 seems inevitable in the future. They've done the best of the situation pretty much.

Reputation: 5/10
Quiet tribe, doesn't make a lot of noise. Has been hugging with 404 since the start of the world but fought some silent battles well, so not really simcity. However not well spoken of, nor bad spoken of. Pretty neutral.

Final words:
I liked the name Throw Back better.

Rank: 5

My tribe: 404.