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What's the story behind your current user? I don't think I know.


I don't know either. I took over an account on W16, didn't want people to think I was using an alias when I posted to hide, and had multiple accounts on other worlds like 24 and 36. So to solve the problem, I made a new forum username (the in-game account was u6s5l, without the ., and he couldn't remember his forum password), and stuck with it. I still have no idea what it means, where it's from, or anything really.

Asylum Escapee

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0/10 just plane does not no when to quit, ruins a prefect good name with utter shameless reputation.
Trololololololololol or Trololololololol would be glorious valuable names but as such they go on too long like an ice cream come stacked too high that falls over and ruins your favorite pants which cost 200$ to dry clean at your local dry cleaner which is money laundering front for local mafia.


Hey Asylum ;) 9/10

Need and account on this world to fight a couple of liars I came across on the rim and I promised to kick there nuby asses.
K71 preferably. -CKD- please mail me and I'll lend ya'll a hand!

IGN Stay Puff