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Dear players,

As we continuously receive bug reports we need to make sure it remains manageable. Therefore, please follow the next steps.

Before submitting a bug report

Please ensure the bug is not on your end.
- Verify your network in case of lag / unavailability of the game
- Test on several devices and browsers
- Clear your cookies and cache. Reload your page after doing so.
To clear cache in Firefox, choose at the top Tools > Clear Private Data
To clear cache in Flock, follow above steps as Firefox.
To clear cache in Google Chrome, click the Wrench at the top right and click Options. Then choose Under the Hood then Clear Browsing Data.
To clear cache in Opera, click the red button at the top left, then Settings > Delete Private Data.
To clear cache in Internet Explorer, go to Safety at top right and click Delete Browsing History.
To clear cache in Safari, select Safari pull down, select ’clear cache now’ OR click the Cog at the top right and select Reset Safari.

Next, please check the list of known, confirmed bugs and verify that the bug you intend to report has not already been reported.

When creating the thread...
- Below the text area, there will be some mandatory fields. Please fill them in as accurately as possible.
- In the general text field, upload screenshots and any additional information that is required for us to find, reproduce and resolve this bug
- Describe what is expected to happen and what is actually happening
- Were there any error messages shown? Which ones? Please upload a screenshot if possible.
- At what time did the issue occur? Is it recurring?

- We advise you to enable "Watch this thread" in order to receive notifications about updates.

After submitting the thread...

- Make sure to check back your thread regularly! The team may ask you for additional information. Leaving it without feedback for a longer period of time will lead to your thread being archived