Ready for some ANARKY?!

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well that's good, Dom, nice to hear that. :) Good luck, then with your tribe.

When did you switch back to not doing so?
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Psssh, is that the anarky that doesn't like being told to go away?
Thinking they are all hard as, when 3/4 of the members are being sat?

good luck guys. :)

+ Plus, you kicked denchy out.
Poor V. :p
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5 you're naming your tribe after the tribe in world 46 thats ranked number 4 but is getting pummeled by the top three 3 tribes? lol good luck


RAwring, it's my tribe, obviously I'd be sure.
Sure. :)

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No sits rinnow, but, when I posted, there was HUNDRED's of requests in the forums for sits to go away.. :)
Don't turn into a muppet now. (y)

Pity, I'm not home and properly online really isn't it? Or, I'd give you a run mate.