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Hey all,

Lately, there have been some events going on in the world that are causing an overflow of discussion/outrage/opinions onto the world. Therefore, I've decided to make this thread to help remind you all of some basic forum rules, so we can ensure this doesn't go south :).

1) The forum and in-game moderators work entirely separate. I know nothing of the situations in-game; please don't ask, because even if I did know, I couldn't tell you. It's not allowed to talk about someone else's private game information, which leads me to the next point...
2) Posting on the forums about bans, moderating actions, or anything of the sort (in-game and forum moderation both) is never allowed. This is to help preserve the privacy between the moderator and the player, and also to ensure that there is not a public debate that goes off-topic on every thread, as this is something people tend to feel strongly about.
3) If you have problems with in-game moderation, feel free to message the appropriate people. The chain of command is as follows:

In-game moderators --> Senior in-game moderators --> Community Managers

If you have problems, message one of them by using the in-game support system.

If you have problems with forum moderation, feel free to message my superiors. The chain of command is as follows:

Forum Moderators --> Elder Forum Moderators --> Forum Admin (Jirki88). Community managers and forum admins can solve pretty much all the same problems on the forums.

I have done my best to be lenient. I have not infracted everyone as I could've according to the rules, and while I delete threads that are supposed to be deleted for breaking rules, I attempt to ensure fair treatment as well as lenient punishment. Please do not take advantage of this. I enjoy reading the forums as much as you, but I don't make the rules; I enforce them. If you break them, I am forced to act. So to close; please do not post about moderation, take your concerns to the appropriate mediums. And please do not break rules; I don't enjoy infracting/warning/banning people. It's not my goal. I want to have as much fun on these forums as possible just like you do, and more discussion = more fun, as long as that discussion follows the rules.

If you have any questions or concerns that aren't about general forum moderation actions, such as asking what is or is not allowed, there is a basic q/a thread stickied that you can refer to. If you wish to ask about specific moderation actions, please send a private message to the right person. If you have questions about in-game moderation, submit a ticket.

Thanks all, and hopefully the forums stay clean :).
Not open for further replies.