Recruting For HBS K35 & 45


We are a growing tribe in these 2 k's and are looking for experienced players in these areas to join our tribe

We would like you if possible to answer this questionaire for our tribe

What experience do you have in tribalwars?

Are you very active?

Would you be loyal to our tribe?

and Why do you wish to join our tribe?

:D mail Me ingame or you can post on here and ill check the forums often


I'm formerly from k59 in W20. Was a proud member if FLB. We were 8th in the world, so no doubt everyone in FLB is experienced. I got quite annoyed with my positioning being at the edge of the map and having no one left to noble, and also I started in W20 very late. I was a 800k player with 3 times the OD. I'm looking for a tribe with a lot of experience like myself. I've had offers already but I want to choose the right tribe.

Also I am active about 12 hrs a day on and off.